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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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I Scream You Scream 2nd Verse

2007.07.24 AM Dark

Blink. Yawn. Click. Ear still attached to pillow. I push the select button on my Dish Network remote and the cute & quiet dancing Dish logo/words are replaced with … Talking Fake Fur from Far Away on Sesame Street

Beaming down from the clear vacuum of outer space to my cloudy recently vacuumed inner space, I woke up to '3 Bears in Space' eating porridge as a scientific experiment, "Yep, it tastes just like eating porridge at home on earth" - kinda reminds my foggy brain of "Why did the chicken cross the road" Then later Cookie Monster is eating a cookie with a big letter I in icing … hmmm goes a synapse or two, I think "icing", I sing "icing"

'You scream, I scream, We all scream for ice cream" goes zip through my head.
So I come up with "I sing, you sing, we all sing for icing" the perfect companion verse for that birthday party song, there's gotta be cake too, ya' know.

Now I have to get up and confirm it with Google … of course I am out of bed using a computer now without the proper amount of coffee injected into me, must .. stop … for .. coffee, ahhhh, returned with brew, can p-rop-er-ly continue now.

(Googling) So an 'I Scream' song shows up by Johnson, Mol and King, very very long, but no mention of 'My Icing' word mixture.
So I find out that July is National Ice Cream month, courtesy of the dead Ronald Reagan from a 1984 proclamation.
I switch to an 'I Sing You Sing We All Sing for Icing' search, and can't seem to find anything, so maybe, but I seriously doubt I am the very, very first human to write it, so you can have a 2nd new verse to an old song, Mr. Universe of People. I am a Reminder, yes, a Gershwin, no.

So if you read this at just the right time, I will be in the shower singing my new song, you can join along, in your own shower, of course, okay, everybody join in …. Oh, I just remembered, its my cousin's birthday today in a darker time zone, so everybody, keep singing for my cousin, he probably hasn't woke up yet. Maybe we can get a 'Live Earth' thing going, 'Live Shower', maybe? Soap and sing, soap and sing, we all sing of i---cing.

Ground control to Major Tom, I think its going to be a long long time til I go to bed with this channel playing the night before on my DishNetwork, lets see here, lets check the recording schedule to stay away from the fake fur channel ….

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