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Super Sized Bowl of Eggnog Irritation Day

My Thoughts On A Cold Winter Evening
After Having My Son Stolen From Me
By The Federal Government
The United States of America

ut of all the people in the United States who have the control of what their eye-balls get to see on TV (for instance, old people in rest homes and tiny children may not get a choice), I am probably one outta the extremely small group of 14 to 17 people of the 300 plus million who live in our entire country who didn’t watch BOTH the Presidential EggNogIrritation
© AND the Final Football Game of the Season (you can’t really say year because pro football is stretched across two separate calendar years), The supersized bowl of hype. I did record the game on DVR so I can go back and watch the commercials. So be sure not to tell me who won the game, as I have not got around to seeing the game or commercials yet. I have been busy.

How could Barack Obama even claim to be the president of the U.S. of A.? He didn’t create an election controversy like the last two prez elections, which I, along with everyone else, figured they must have changed the rules on how you become president. I didn’t bother to watch the Eggnogg Irritation because a piece of the Federal Government had already got around to stealing something very precious to me, my younger son in the cult referred to as the United States Army, which I will refer to as “U-Swarmy”®, who is now off in Georgia somewhere at this moment in “basic straining”® learning to be violent and kill people and get paid to let people yell at him and learn to enjoy those things to some degree. Hmm, somehow I think I tried to make his childhood a LiTTLE different than that...(I think I remember telling him that I loved him practically every chance I could, practically every day, practically every time we spoke, and said 'good-byes')...And now several days later I find out about an absurd by-the-minute additional cost. The part on my most recent phone bill, a section of MCI charges, shows where he tried to make contact a few times with the worst possible telecommunication equipment known to man that is still actively hooked up and running. I’m thinking, are they using telephone equipment down in Georgia held over from the days of Andy Griffith in Mayberry or possibly the style used by Oliver Douglas when he climbed the pole outside his house in Green Acres? (No offense to the good, fine people of Georgia, except those tiny few who are in charge of this particular phone-y-quipment.)

Note: some private information hid from view - all other information is (charges and times) exact and is tied to the bill of my private phone number which can not be deciphered from the above information.

If you look at this bill carefully you can see that these phone calls, a total of $143.41 for 58 minutes come out to a little more than $2 a minute. They were placed by my younger son who is away at basic training for the United States Army. That amounts to about a tenth of his monthly salary. The sound quality of these calls was ridiculously poor. We couldn't hear each other very well for the vast majority of calls. And then we get this bill in the mail yesterday for this amount, and after reading it, I suddenly remembered that he started using another form of payment in order to be able to call cell phones, and I see on that card another AT&T charge for $20.26. I can not see the number of minutes, but I do know the destination phone number (its a number in my cell) and the origination number is simply an 800 number, with an "NJ" at the end of the credit card line entry. So most likely that was a single phone call from my son to someone important. But still it was twenty dollars for an unknown length of time. Just curious. Hopefully the sound quality was better than the tin can and a string MCI mess that we endured. MCI sure knows how to put the mess in message.

Here is a suggestion to the U.S.Army: Skype - put it on a computer, and let people make personal phone calls for 2 cents a minute to anywhere in the United States OR FREE!!, yes free, if its a computer-to-computer, Skype user to Skype user. It is bad enough that the Federal Government stole my son from me and isolated him away like a d@mn religious cult in their basic straining and proved again how "family oriented" they are NOT and I just now, almost a month later, finally received a mailing address for him. I have no convenient way of talking to him, or the other direction at this point in his training. So I have a huge stack of letters to send to him and a few other things to share. Oh, and I need to get his address to a close friend in Afghanistan, someone who wants to encourage him to hang in there and make it though basic straining. But I am tired now, it has been a long hard felt-like-more-than-one-day day, so I'll come back tomorrow and look for typos and I think I duplicated some things etc, and there are probably typos and I think I duplicated some things etc.

My Modified Army Slow-Gun

“You May Have Raised Your Son or Daughter Wrong; We’ll Make Them Army Wrong”®

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