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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Beating Al Gore with Carbon Ba-nano Tubes

Episode 5 

I let the dog outside so that he would not hear the following conversation. I didn't want him to get upset ahead of time over the coming events or be worried about me.

I asked my wife if she would mind me being gone for 3 weeks.

She said 'no' and then asked where I was going never taking her eyes off the video games, virtual farming and being the mayor of pixelville.

Outer Space. I told her that I was going into outer space to try out my new invention of a faster-than-the-speed-of-light instantaneous mechanical telegraph using carbon ba-nano-tube technology and eventually use a version of it to create the Internet in space before Al Gore got a chance to do it. I wanted to build the first test expanse of the invention for the range of say, the distance from Earth to Saturn, approximately 9 astronomical units or roughly a billion miles. I figured that it would take almost 3 weeks to "spin" 3 carbon ba-nano-tubes in parallel a billion miles and then do some testing. Plus install my cute new little atomic hinge device a thousand times once every million miles. Its a good thing I asked for a portable Scanning Electron Microscope for my birthday. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I got the idea when I saw some dust on my mini-blinds in motion and while thinking about my recent banana that got ashed to a crisp by "being in the hot wrong place at the not right time".

The region of the solar system where the planets circle the sun is rather "crowded", so I plan to go straight up, from an earth perspective, into an "emptier" space about 200 million miles to get away from the material junk and a substantial amount of gravitational pull of the planets.

Hyperlink Wikipedia Photo in motion Nanotube
(Used with Wikimedia Commons permissions)

I have been stealing diamonds for a very pure source of carbon, and finally have enough for this project. My nano tube generator is capable of producing 3 tubes in parallel out its "spinnerets". I have nicknamed the device トリプル蚕, the Japanese word for "Triple Silkworm". I realized I could have made it entirely from recycled diamonds, but a few weeks ago when I randomly said the words "carbonized banana,,, nano,,, nano-tube,,, carbon ba-nano tube", I just cracked up laughing, and thought, "I am going to have to include some banana carbon as well, just so I can name it that, that is such a cool name, 'carbon ba-nano-tube'"

The essence of the invention is that you can push a carbon nanotube in the friction free world of outerspace quite easily. The result is an instantaneous movement at the other end if you do it right. The three strands of nano-tube run parallel (flat side by side) and every million miles there is a nano scale hinge that connects all three tubes. They swivel about the center tube, so the net effect is that when you push or pull the left tube, the right one does the opposite and the center tube remains motionless. And they can be pushed with incredible ease and at great speed.

So then I just install an amplifier circuit and recording - display - local broadcast junction box out on the end of the triple nano tubes, and then I have a communication line that works faster than the speed of light to transmit information across the vast emptiness of space. And then once I have multiple robotic "factory" craft built, I can bridge the communication gap between this solar system and my home. That way if I can't actually be with my mother on planet Oklahoma, I can use my Skype-in-the-Sky video approach to at least chat with her. "Oklahoma" isn't the real name of my home planet, but I'm not allowed to reveal its name, so I use the place where my "Earth Mother" is located for its code name.

"Are you my mother?" I have waited 20 extra years to hear her voice, and see her face. I hear Elton John sing in my mind '... and I think its gonna be a long long time ...' and I smile and think, well, not much longer, Rocket Man.

My wife said sure, but just make sure to get all the laundry caught up, kitchen cleaned and extra groceries bought before I go. And don't forget to get the oil changed in her SUV. Oh, and finish building that robot that takes out the trash.

Reference: 'Rocket Man' lyrics by Bernie Taupin, from the 1972 Elton John album 'Honky Chateau'

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