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New Moore Island Renamed to Now More Wasland

The island of New Moore in the Bay of Bengal is no longer visible above the ocean level. This piece of now-no-man's-land-sand was claimed by India and Bangladesh. I propose a new name of "Now More Wasland". Wasland is my word for an island that no longer is.

The only reason people really cared about it was because of possible natural resources, oil and natural gas,  that could be potentially extracted. It was really a sand bar. There is current blame of global warming and the rise in ocean level to account for the island's loss. But I think it could easily have disappeared simply through erosion with it being a sand bar. Sand is easily moved  by wave action. The island was also situated at the mouth of a river, which also adds to its dynamic possibilities for both erosion and growth. To blame the island's loss strictly on global warming is a little far fetched. It was discovered recently by an American satellite in 1974 supposedly for the FIRST time. There is no long term historical significance to this island, only a short term hysterical one. The wikipedia article referenced dimensions of an elevation of 2 meters at it highest point, a few acres in size and this information sounded like it was for low tide. So maybe a better new name would be It Never Was Very Much of An Island Sandbar.

If humans were or still are concerned about this island, then they should artificially build it back. That kind of action has been performed for centuries by man, claiming low and below sea level land back from the sea.

It also helps to never give a sand bar a name. Oops! I already just did.

Wikipedia Article for the Island of New Moore

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