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Notice to Strawberry Twizzler Addicts with Poor Math Skills: WMT is Not Your Friend

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The pricing for strawberry flavored Twizzlers® candy at Wal-Mart doesn't seem to follow the "If The Package Gets Bigger, Its Cheaper by The Serving" logic. You can buy the same product in 5 different sizes ranging from 4 pound tubs down to tiny packages of assorted flavors contained in a colossal 60 oz Snack Mix bag.

4 lbs - $6.97
2 lbs - $2.88
1 lbs - $1.68
5 oz - $1.00
60 oz - $7.64

But these were the prices I found in Amarillo on Wednesday at a superstore and I thought that the prices here in Borger were different, especially the 2 pound size - hmm, I will try to get that confirmed later today. Just doing a little mental math of 5 x 12 = 60, the 5 oz is a 12 to 7.64 ratio times more expensive, BUT this article is about strawberry flavored Twizzlers, and meant as a help to their addicts, so if you were going to throw all the other flavors away in the 60 oz size that were not strawberry, or give them to OFA's (other flavored addicts), and I have no idea of the mix/ratio of the candy in the 60 oz assortment bag, (sorry, I didn't take the time to rip a bag apart in the store and count, or better yet, do 6 bags and get a better statistical view, larger population, ran-dumb-ness - "Clean up on aisle 5!"). So the 5 oz size beats the 60 oz on a price per ounce basis using some fuzzy logic.

Now onto the 1,2 & 4 pound size comparison, easy math. 2.88 is less than 2 x 1.68 = 3.36 when comparing 2 versus 1 pounds, so 2 wins that round. Next, 2 x 2.88 = 5.76 is less than 6.97 when comparing the 2 versus 4 pounds, so 2 pound wins again!

So far, 2 pounds looks the best, with more math later today and some sneaky foolishness about serving size.

.............more to come, stay tuned!

"Twizzlers" is a product of Y&S Candies, Inc, a part of The Hershey Company of Hershey Pa since 1977. The trademark(s) appear to be actively held by:
CORPORATION DELAWARE 4860 Robb Street, Suite 204 Wheat Ridge COLORADO

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