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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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No, I Want The McSack Not

It is stiLL McRib season but I show up at the busy lower IQ lunch run for the school kids. I try to teLL the clerk that I want my order to eat at the restaurant, but she is just barely out of hearing range by maybe a half inch (?) and doesn't respond. The young lady at the neXt register teLLs me, "Everything is to go during the lunch run." And I ask her to simply put my McRib on the TRAY that is right in front of me, no sack, please. Her response is, "I'm sorry, sir, we can't not do that."

Yes, a double negative.

I had to work reaLLy hard to keep from laughing during this episode.

When The Sack arrives 15 seconds later I carefuLLy take the McRib package out of the sack, place it on my tray and ask her politely not to throw away the useless sack. She complies for at least the three seconds until I turn around to leave. But when I turned around a second later to check it was no longer in her hand.


Rob Z Tobor said...

In their defence, there is a system they must comply or die. Which is why if you look closely at the staff you will notice they are in fact McRobots . . . .

Shelly said...

Well, you tried. Sometimes the wall of ignorance is too high to scale, though.

esbboston said...

Rob: Yes, I see what you say about McRobots and The System. I wonder if aLL my conservation efforts have ever saved even one tree. Smokey The Bear and I go way back.

esbboston said...

Shelly: You just hope for a window in the waLL sometimes. Maybe it was an authoritarian mental issue, "You can't make me not do something, I'm in charge here." And then while I am sitting there eating my McRib I notice the usual piece of paper that separates your meal from the questionable sanitary McTray, and I think that the McSack should be their only way of delivering food.

fmcgmccllc said...

Back in the day when I used to go through the McD drive-thru I asked for the meal separately as this was the only way to get an ice tea. Everyday they said why not a number 1 and every day can I have an ice tea instead of a coke, and everday they said no. Also I grew to resent having to request the ketchup and a napkin. Yes, when I ordered coffee I had to request a napkin. Made me insane and I quite going there unless it was the only place in town with ice tea/coffee.

fmcgmccllc said...

But I still used their restrooms.

esbboston said...

Fmcgmccllc: I totaLLy agree with you about the insanity induction. I prefer the restrooms at Starbuck's when I am being nomadic. I made a wonderful batch of gumbo and my younger son got to try it for the first time. He said it was reaLLy good, but suggested that I add jalapeño peppers. I told him that I already have a smaLL amount in there. But the Tabasco Kid said there needed to be more(!). I am just glad he is home and I get to spoil him for several months. I think he is going to Texas Tech in the faLL. We haven't made it to AmariLLo yet to see if he approves of any of their pho restaurants.

Arlee Bird said...

Do you ever get the feeling that no one listens anymore? Now, what were you saying in this post? McRib--I usually eat one a year. Don't know why, but I do.

Tossing It Out

esbboston said...

No, one? Yes, two.

I have lost track of the numero of McRib-os I have consumed, mmm, maybe ten this season.

Badger said...

You are a natural born rule breaker!

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