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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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3D TV from Green Gulch Texas

Episode 3

I thought I was having a dream just now but I was confused by my new 3D TV that I had invented and assembled. It is called the EEEE - Ernie's Everything Exists Entertainment. The system reassembles all the atoms and molecules of previous events and replays them.

The power requirements are a bit much though. There was a complete blackout throughout much of the northern Texas electrical grid while I rebroadcast an old Darrouzett TX high school basketball game.

And then there was a terribly temporarily temperaturely clogged sewer system after it was over. The EEEE system just converts all the molecules to a liquid waste when you are finished watching the event. I had undersized the heat exchanger for the process and it accidentally sent a blast of super hot EEEE EE 'entertainent effluent' down the drain and actually melted the sewer pipes. Its a good thing I did this in Fritch TX where it didn't matter as much, as say, Borger.

The initial experiment was performed in a field near an area of Fritch called Arroyo Verde, or in Spanish thats 'Green Gulch'. Tomorrow or later when the weather clears just look for a patch of burned grass that some local people will probably call an alien crop circle.

The size of my first EEEE was a cube 240 linear feet on each edge. I chose Fritch for its proximity to a large water reservoir for all the atoms and cooling. For today's event I dropped Lake Meredith's water level only 2 and a half inches total but then part of the EEEE EE created a winter type weather system dumping 'snow' in the area. Yes, for legal reasons I am going to call it snow. Everyone's had problems with snow on their television before, right? My snow problem just happened to occur after, not during, the broadcast.

Oh, I giggled just now. Just the thought of people in Fritch calling a gigantic 240 foot charred 'square' a 'circle'.

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