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Patrick N Allitt Is A Numerical I d i o t

[Quote from a college professor during a CNN interview: "It's been a very tough 10 years since 2001, hasn't it?"] 

My response is NO. Pessimism really only exists in the region between the left ear and the right ear. And besides that, NO, it has only been 8 years SINCE 2001, not 10. Right NOW it is Feb 2010, and is much closer to 8 years, not 10, since Sept 11th, 2001. I have known the difference between 8 and 10 even before I knew the words for 8 and 10 - I had fingers AND thumbs AND I was probably (10 - 8 =) 2 years old.

['America the miserable', U.S. isn't the same.] Excuse me, NOTHING ever stays the same for much of any length of time at all. I probably hadn't learned that lesson by age 2, but probably before I was 12, TEN years later. (2 + 10 = 12, just checking - I had to use something besides my fingers and my toes.)
There are millions of new American immigrants who have come into the United States in the last 8 or 10 years, take your pick. They came here for our dream, so it could be their dream. There aren't millions of people trying to get into Iran or North Korea. Those countries only have a relatively bad or broken dream to offer immigrants.

There are 300 million (approx) dreams in America, some of them good, better, best or bad, worse or what ever. Its all rather subjective. Go get yourself a good dog, a good spouse, or some good children. That will brighten your day. Or maybe even your year. Or maybe, just maybe, your decade (that's a time period of 10, count 'em, TEN years, Patrick. And this time use all your fingers AND your thumbs)

This is a little bit of evidence that we shouldn't be letting a BRITISH citizen teach AMERICAN history at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., at least not this particular British professor.

Update 2010.02.24 13:00

Here is a piece of Googleness:

After I first posted my note in blogger (owned and operated by the Google people), it showed up in a Google search on the professor's name on the 4th or 5th page of 10 results per page. Now today, it has fallen all the way down to 24th page of results in less than 12 hours since I last checked.

Update 2010.02.29 17:00

It appears that this blog entry has really fallen off the search results for Google. I also noticed that the labels for this blog entry had been changed! So ... I think that maybe evil forces are at work here .... hmmmm .... then a little while later something at Google has now SHUT DOWN my access to Google searches, saying that there appears to be an automated search mechanism taking place from my system! So the story gets stranger, as I have no knowledge of any software on my systems OR have I done anything new in the last half hour to suddenly make this happen. I did report the error message to Google folks to let them try to straighten out THEIR or MY mess.

Update 2010.02.29 17:35

After rebooting my computer I can now use Google again .. BUT .. this particular blog entry NO LONGER shows up in a Google search.

Update 2010.03.17 14:39

Yea!!! This blog entry is finally showing up in a Google search for 'Patrick Allitt' again, making it onto the 10th page of results, or spot 98 out of 139,000.

Update 2010.03.19 20:11

Yea!!! This blog entry made it as high as the 8th page of results, or spot 72 out of 139,000.

Update 2010.04.02 10:06

Yea!!! This blog entry made it as high as the 4th page of results, or spot 33 out of 157,000. I think the large number may have changed because it searched English and Portuguese. Nope. I tried just English and it is still at spot 33 out of 157,000. Ah, the mysteries of a Topeka, I mean, Google search. That was yesterday's April Fool's Day Joke from Google. They changed their name to Topeka for the day. And Topeka, Kansas changed their name to Google.

Update 2010.04.13 11:50

Yea!!! This blog entry made it as high as the 4th page of results, or spot 31 out of 51,300

Update 2010.05.07 16:00

Yea!!! This blog entry made it as high as the 8th page of results, or spot 74 out of 204,000

Update 2010.05.26 05:00

Yea!!! This blog entry made it as high as the 6th page of results, or spot 58 out of 172,000

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