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Proving That Esfahan Is Not Half of The World

Today I learned that there is Persian proverb:

"Esfahān nesf-e jahān ast"

which mean "Esfahan is half the world". Half the world??? That is a very tall claim. So I looked up the city in wikipedia. Esfahan is a beautiful city that is in the middle of the country of Iran. It is located on the main East-West and North-South routes crossing Iran and was once one of the largest cities in the world. It was the capital of its part of the world a couple times, I believe. The pictures included in the wikipedia article alone show a city rich in culture and beauty.

Esfahan has a sumbol that seems to indicate that it is half of the world:

I would think that the left side looks like a globe with lines of longitude and the right side is the pretty part, so the right side must be the Esfahan part (?), I'm just guessing here folks.

So now we tackle my mathematical proof to see if Esfahan is truly half of the world.

I tried examining Arabic fonted words, but they were not much help and then I learned there is a language called Unipers which tries to take Farsi (the main Iranian language) and use a Roman font. So here goes my word math....

From the best that I can tell from the transliterated phrase, the word 'jahan' is the word for 'world'. I noticed that 'Esfahan' has some of the same common letters in a row, 4 of them, the 'ahan' part. So, doing some fractional math (don't get all 'I forgot that stuff years ago' math-whimpy on me if you have read this far), 4/7 of the word Esfahan is equal to 4/5 of Jahan. I guess (?) we should do fractional multiplication:

4/7 times 4/5 = 16/35 = or 45.714% of Esfahan is the World

So mathematically we half a proof that 'Esfahan' is a little less than half of the 'World'.

So I propose that this should be the new symbol for the city of Esfahan:

And if you want something a little fancier, I made this one too, as a gift to the people of the artistic city of Esfahan, a city well known for it Persian rug manufacture:

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