Absent For A Bit ....

I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

Notice: Blogger has screwed up and lost a bunch of photos out of my blog! They are replaced with a gray silhouette of a human head. I will eventually get them replaced with the correct photo, it may take a while to find and fix everything. So some of my stories don't make much sense without their photos, sorry for the inconvenience.



Yes, I ActuaLLy Was Glad To Get This For My Birthday

My mother gave me a present for my birthday while we were both at Darrouzett the other day for her party. She told me to wait til I got home to open it. Just as soon as I saw the size of the plastic bag that it was in, I started hoping that it was a certain item that I thought one of my brothers had stolen from me. It turns out that my mother had merely misplaced it, I guess. Or she may have forced my brother to give it back, I'm not exactly sure. 

Anyway, I guessed correctly:

An 11 inch tall ceramic turtle made by Hazel Thompson of Rapid City SD, possibly 40-50 years ago.

This turtle is special because it involves a combination of a nightmare about driving a combine harvestor while I was around seventeen years old while listening to Elton John's 'Mad Man Across The Water' album on an eight-track tape player while wearing headphones.

I fell asleep in the dark listening to my new album with headphones on. In my dream I lose the headlights to my combine harvestor and the front part of the machine starts digging into the dirt of field. (In actual life I was just learning to use this piece of equipment.)

In the commotion of my dream I somehow ripped the headphone plug out of its jack, causing the audio to go out the regular speaker system.

My parents bedroom is just a few feet away.

My father wakes up to Elton John music blasting out the speakers and someone (me) cussing up a storm about his combine in the neXt room.

He goes in the hallway and switches on the light. What he sees next totally cracks him up laughing.

I am sitting on the floor with the headphones still on and talking (!!!) combine gibberish loudly AND the ceramic turtle is between my hands as a steering wheel.

I am not sure which song was playing.

I am glad my turtle is finally safely at my house. I noticed there is writing on the bottom of the turtle where my mother had stated that this turtle was given (?) to me in the year 1997 at Thanksgiving.

I just remember asking for it a few years ago.


Just To Prove That I Am The Best Child

Just to prove that I am the best child, I called my mother yesterday (the Saturday before) to wish her Happy Mother's Day. I checked the time in Australia and it was two minutes after midnight in Sydney, so it was already Sunday there. We laughed and talked in Aussie accents and made up goofy lines like, "Good day, mate! Happy Mate-er's Day!


When I discover that people are or want to be like me, I teLL them, "Ah, its a CURSE." And when they ask for more details, I say, "see, yoU aRe aS E." where E is Ernest.


I am busy writing lyrics for "Where Are You Rainstorm?" to the tune "Where Are You Christmas?" from the movie 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'. But my screenplay is titled 'How The Grinch Stole Spring'.

Meanwhile, about a fourth of Fritch TX burns down from a wildfire about a dozen miles west of me.


Silliness reigns.

I get a call from my wife.

"Can you come and get me?"

(Me): "Where are you at?" (Confused)

"At work."

"I am at work, too." (Same building, well, almost the same building)


Laughter on her end of the communication channel.

Oh, the semi-elderly.

I hang up and start singing our friend Angela's song, "Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind"


I post this in Facebook: I think I am getting new socks today. Yea!

After posting this status two of my young female friends who work at our building argue in the comments about which one of them gets to deliver the package to my office. Several interesting comments comparing their beauty and intelligence. They are sisters. In the end I let each of them deliver the package while the other one isn't there.

It greatly delays me actually getting to wear the socks, but I have plenty of toe socks for my Vibrams.


Your refrigerator can appear magical at 3:40 AM.

I open the door and when I look down there appears to be a yogurt container floating in mid-air.

Then I realize it is on a clear glass plate that is really a lid for a casserole dish upside down.

The lid is sticking way out over the shelf front more than halfway. It is being held in place cantilevered by a container of uncooked hashbrown potatoes.

At this point I stop investigating The Magic Phenomenon and close the door and I supress the thought of wondering how aLL those things got in those positions.

All this was possible because I open a disturbing e-mail at 2:00 AM letting me know how incompetent the Epson people are at handling shipments, now multiple instances of "overnight" deliveries taking a week or not even arriving at aLL, and now my story with Epson warranty service gets longer and stranger. I am thinking my next printer will be a Canon, but a "cannon" would be nice about now, too.


I want an IGNORE ALL GAME INVITATIONS option in Facebook.


A Dead Russian Spy Stuck On My телевидение

There is a dead woman stuck on my teleBision.

I woke up at 1 AM on Thursday in my livingroom after watching TV. I had been watching Fargo for the third time (its a Tuesday show repeated) after seeing The Americans twice (Wednesday's show) but then I noticed that The Americans was playing for the third time (natural sequence of events on FX). But it was strange waking up to a TV screen that wasn't moving. The woman had left her bathroom after being suspicious and got her hidden 45 pistol from between the towels and was being sneaky in the hallway. She will be killed soon.

Only now its 5 hours later at 6 AM and she is in the same position. I am wondering, "Is there nobody working at FX to make sure their broadcast is functioning? Is their player just stuck on Pause?"


I think our greatest threat to national security is understanding why that piece of breakfast burrito mysteriously fell (jumped???) off my fork and onto the floor. When too much food starts fleeing, the terrorists have won. My current thought is dynamic remotely initiated center of gravity shifting of the food particle once it has begun the on-my-fork transport phase incorporating a proper time delay.


The new digital cable box is like having a TiVo without the ability to record anything.

The Up and Down buttons for the channel change do not have the ability to handle scrolling through the channels if you hold down on the button. I think practically aLL teleBision remotes have done that for a long time.


I figured out a new way to annoy my wife using my dog without even trying or knowing.

I let my dog Cooper outside in our backyard while I went next door to check on the neighbor's dog.

While I was gone Tamie let Cooper back inside. Cooper has a sense of humor and knows that sometimes I play Hide 'N Seek when she lets him back inside. He is looking aLL over the house for me and making whining complaints while Tamie is trying to teLL him that I am not here, that I am neXt door. But he doesn't believe her. Would you?


A Roland Failure

I have CorelDRAW X6 running on a Windows 8 PC and a Roland GX-24 cutting machine. It is supposed to be easy to move files from CorelDRAW to Roland's cutting software CutStudio with a simple software plug-in. But my attempts at installing it have failed.

I finally got a human tech support person from Roland to log into my computer with remote access but he was also unsuccessful.

If there is anyone out there who has had a similar problem and has a solution, I would appreciate some help.

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