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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Our Newly Remodeled Non-Duck Non-Pond

I drove by the MCD fast food place in Borger and it appeared to be in demolition mode, my first thought <YEA!!!>, but then <sigh>, I was disappointed to find out that it was being remodeled, another episode of 'Flip That Restaurant'. I was rather hoping that it was being torn down after a number of sub-par experiences with that particular store, both mine and others.

Later that day on my road trip I was thinking about what alternatives I would have picked if MCD would suddenly disappear, <poof>, and a new duck pond came to my mind. (Is that an equivalent form of the medical condition 'water on the brain' to suddenly 'think of a pond' ?) I believe our community already has at least 1 duck pond, no, maybe 2, with one private duck pond on the west side of town and one public duck pond on the south end at the park. Time for another one a little closer to the middle of town where the current MCD metal frame is being refurbished.

The zero-sum numeric transition of MCD 1->0 & Duck Ponds 2->3 sounds okay to me, and would probably be more beneficial to the health of the citizens of the community. And maybe spring up a new grass roots industry - if we start to get over run with duckies, then maybe we can open a "McQuackers & Crackers", say, a new fast food chain specializing in Chinese duck soup? There are already plenty of slaughter houses in our part of the world to handle the load with the panhandles of Texas and Oklahoma being quite the killing zones for non-humans.

We're on a roll now, folks! Because I live on the very east side of town, I suppose I should bear the en-compass-ing burden of establishing the "E" pond. Well, I do have lots of little froggies and dragon flies showing up this year in my garden, so I have some natural duck food to spare. Hmmm, I wonder if they like tomatoes too? I'm sure Cooper wouldn't mind giving up one of his two swimming pools, especially if there was the possibility of "Carne-a-Quacker" some time in the future.

Any volunteers for the north end of Borger?

I realize that MCD is the stock market symbol for a certain ginormous fast food chain, but it can also stand for our noble cause:
"Make a Change to Duck".


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