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How I Will Know: Ab-Do-Wo-men

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Feb 6th, 2009
How will I know when my wife is well from her big bad incision and abdominal revision?

I have several ways of monitoring her level at achieving success at lap happiness (and less pain duress). The best one is : She will resume singing the opening theme song of the sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory' on CBS evening television.
Feb 10th, 2009
Yea!! She resumed singing the theme song from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ - she is getting well! We have proof! She was laughing so hard last night that she was hurting herself.

(So I wrote this poem to celebrate my wife’s pain)


When do men hurt your fem abdomen
. . . but still you hang around for more?
and its just a touch of that good warm kinda of pain,
the kind that only makes you sore.
Its when TV sitcom geeky men do and say
those absurd & funny, silly-silly things,
that almost send you laughing from chair to floor,
that results in abdo-women wiggle giggle strain,
(but still you just gotta hang around for more)
So the success of all our abdominal medical procedures will
involve a period of induced absurd silly stress,
which can be measured & monitored in the following manner
of tele-visual & chronological progress:
Is the patient able to watch a complete episode of the
odd ill-logical science goofiness,
called the 'The Big Bang Theory', on Monday eve, over on
their channel called CBS?

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