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Bush v Gustav (v Holland?)

(This story is older - (Sept 1st, 2008 - when the storm Gustav was approaching land )- than its 2nd publication at blogger )

Headline this morning:

"Bush heads to Texas as Gustav menaces"

I am thinking, with a headline like that, there's gotta be something funny in there somewhere. Maybe something about

"CDMA - Cold Dry Mass of Airhead - runs into a gust of a massive hot moist storm, as men ask, 'Where's FEMA?'"

My question, as always, 'why do people want to live below sea level?' Oh, The Dutch, blame them instead of FEMA, they can be such a bad influence. After all they roamed the oceans for centuries making colonies, enslaving people, stealing the resources of the indigenous natives; I don't think FEMA has been that bad just yet, well maybe. There was that whole trailer house thing. And FEMA did let the people back into N.O. With initials for a place like New Orleans being "NO", that should have been a subtle hint,

"Should we continue to live here like our Dutch friends do, with a menace of waiting warm water just miles away, The Sparkling Ocean Blue, held back by dirt and rocks and a little concrete for glue? Why, NO" Here's something else: I just checked wikipedia, and it was the French, then the Spanish, then the French again, who had New Orleans before us. So at least the Dutch were smart enough to never try to own the place. "No", the Dutch probably told the French emperor Napoleon when he put the place up for sale in 1803, "sell it to the United States, they're young and don't know anything about underwater real estate"

The Dutch As An Influence

by esbb

'Lets live here where the ocean wants to be, lets build a dike or two,

Reclaim this land for man (and money) and see what we can do.


It starts to leak, just pile up some more bags of rock and dirt,

But …

Remember if you live here, water can kill, destroy and hurt.'

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