Absent For A Bit ....

I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

Notice: Blogger has screwed up and lost a bunch of photos out of my blog! They are replaced with a gray silhouette of a human head. I will eventually get them replaced with the correct photo, it may take a while to find and fix everything. So some of my stories don't make much sense without their photos, sorry for the inconvenience.



Ernest In Exile: Excuse Me, I'm Just Having An Aleksandr Isaevich Solzhenitsyn Moment

I don't really know for sure what my true legal status is just yet, whether I'm 'fired', 'retired' or 'rehired', so let's just go with my new combo word of 'refthired', knowing in the near future some of those middle letters 'f-t-h' will be silenced/removed. I am sure there must have been at least one person who was 'ired' in order to get me 'fired'.

I woke up today in the middle of writing multiple pieces. My finger tips have been busy for the past 97 hours, banging away at a keyboard. I have a sitcom idea started based on the previous 3 decades of my life, letters to lots of people, several versions of the same letter to one particular person.

But for now I have to get back to the more important things in life, coffee, bacon, and biscuits. Man does not live by bread alone; there must be jelly, really good jelly.

..more.. later.. gotta .. go .....for ......now .......

REsume at 12:01 PM Central Time

I wrote about Iceland over in Facebook this morning, explaining the mysteries of the universe, a little, actually very little, and never got around to applying my answer to my high school chum's question about Hollow Earth, how protons, neutrons and electrons actually make up a very tiny fraction of the volume of an atom, so the earth because of its atoms, is actually very very hollow.

I plan to study the city of Baltimore today after a brief glance at the article in wikipedia and then go wandering around Baltimore later in the day using Google Earth.

I am going to see what hyperbolic functions are good for on my scientific calculator.

I am going to be at peace now that one of my favorite possessions of the entire earth has been returned to me safe and sound by a dear friend. My favorite screwdriver Stubby Jr., a Klein Model 603-1 IN 2 PT. On May XXth of the year XX-0V (thats my own way of doing Rowman Bi-nary-numberalls, not to be confused with Roman numerals or binary numbers, that I just now created while typing this sentence), for my XXVth anniversary of my employment, I decided to buy myself a new screwdriver with my very own money to replace the ailing missing tooth Stubby Sr. (and safely retire him and tuck away for safekeeping until I, too, could retire in the year XX-XIII) so that someday I could have a wonderful shadow box filled with a few trinkets of my 33 year and 11 day employment:

a)My two favorite screw drivers Stubby Sr, and Stubby Jr
b)A handful of various microprocessors
c)A syringe from an autoinjector of Gas Chromatographic Mass Spectrometer.

<<Sigh>>, I guess I'll never get my shadowbox.

.... more later today ......

Here is part of a poem I am writing about a friend's coastal house in southern Texas. Shortly after she got the property we looked and it was just a piece of unoccupied "dirt" on local live, a 'not quite as high as a satellite' view, but the other day when she mentioned that her business address had changed, I just happened to take a look to see if her new house was updated yet, and the answer was: almost. The static photo work of local live had captured the process of the condos in their almost finished state. The swimming pool wasn't finished yet, there was a giant trash lugger commonly used by construction companies, there were no vehicles around - there was plenty of day light - but nobody was home. I told her that I had found a picture of her house right before it was brand new.

Home, Home On The Beach

Before your house was new

It was being still being built for you.
There were folks a scrapin',
some of them a diggin', others call it landscapin'
Then somebody said, "you know what would be really really cool?
An in the ground, to be seen from ALL around, concrete swimmin' pool !!"
"You mean one just like Ellie Mae
of the Clampett's fame from out by Califor-ni-a?"
So they dug up all the dirt and had it hauled away,
and said there's a bedder place that you outta be
and so loaded up the rocks and they dumped 'em in the sea,
Gulf, that is, of Mexico.
Well the next thing know the price tag's just for billionaires,
And who could really afford to be a livin' over there?
So they chopped the giant home into pastel colored pieces,
with low innertrust or 30 year subleases,
condo's, that is, swimmin' pool, movie stars

She really has movie stars there??? No, I am just having trouble writing that last line and it is 2:11 AM and I am ready to quit for the day with DAY meaning yesterday, not the realy day which at this moment feels more like a tomorrow. Eyes getting heavy trying to explain some period of time when I am awake when at this very moment I want to be alseep or lasepe or lapees or asleep, there, I knew I would get it wrote right eventually. Well, to reanswer your question, it really matter sexactly what your definition of a 'movie star' is, for instance .......

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