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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Ernest Goes Postal Twice in One Day with Three People

I had an interesting trip to the post office yesterday, just the very trip after leaving my house and before actually entering the post office. And then I went to the post office again later in the day to mail more things.

But back to my first postal journey of the day, the funny one with two parts and three people. On the way to the post office I saw two young women running in the neighborhood a couple blocks from my house. I slowed down and asked them how far they were jogging during the nice cold morning and they replied that they were running 3 miles. So I did the math right fast and told them I was too busy to exercise today and asked them if they could run 4½ to do my running for me as well, to which they laughed and agreed to do. And then as I drove away I told them “I can feel your burn!” to which they laughed again.

When I got to the post office I was almost ready to open the front door when out popped the "old" man (last name T____s) who runs the greenhouse downtown and used to have the one on the west side of Borger. And just as I was about to greet him and grab the door in baton-style-relay-race from him, he blurts out, “Fine” and I go to ask him how he is doing and then he just cracks up laughing when he realizes what he had done. He tells me that he didn’t even say 'hello' first but just said “Fine” as the answer to the question I was fixing to ask him. I told him that was okay, because this time of year I am usually asking him every time I see him if he has any tomatoes yet. So I suggested to him that the next time he sees me to just let his primary response be, “Hell NO, I don’t have any tomatoes yet !!!” even if he does have tomato plants in stock, and of course, he just loved that idea and cracked up laughing all over again.

n I got my mail.
The E

No bullets.
No real anger.
No guns.

Just the way real postal is s'posed to be.

Ooops, I just now realized I forgot to ask him if he had any tomato plants in stock.

At least I got my exercise in today, all 3 smiles, I mean, miles.

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