Absent For A Bit ....

I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

Notice: Blogger has screwed up and lost a bunch of photos out of my blog! They are replaced with a gray silhouette of a human head. I will eventually get them replaced with the correct photo, it may take a while to find and fix everything. So some of my stories don't make much sense without their photos, sorry for the inconvenience.



Recently Re-Scently Re-Entry

Pavlov's iPad: My dog's behavior is bad enough when he knows that pizza is going to be delivered, so I NEVER plan to let him know that I order the pizza online, otherwise everytime he sees me get on my iPad he will think that iFood is coming soon.

I am thinking about moving to "2010 TK7"

Wikipedia Link to Trojan Asteroid "2010 TK7"

The week is almost over, one small wiring task to go, the weak has begun. BUT there is a bowl of I Scream in my left hand as I type one handedly with the right, so the length of this paragraph is actually a volumetric measure of 3/4 of a bowl of I Scream, with chocolate and butterscotch syrups.

Do I hear thunder boomies? ... Yes, the sky looks kinda ready to rain, but I think its just forgot how to rain in my part of the swirled.

If you are forced to live in a world of buffoons it helps a little bit if there is free candy.

My Friend Responded: Where's the free candy??

My Response: Texas. In several places. Various levels of Quality.

‎"We tuna are very sensitive, we cry at everything" - Pinocchio

I looked all (most) over the place for my favorite coffee cup this morning and couldn't find it, and I almost went outside thinking that I might have left it in the garden area last night, then I realized it was in the dishwasher, who would have guessed that?!?!?

So somebody on my right side was telling me how smart their grandchild was and that he wanted to be an engineer (think mechanical, chemical, electrical, not choo-choo-ical) AND that their grandchild must have got their wizardly smarts from herself. Her husband on my left laughingly snorted.

I quickly thought of a simple appropriate test: I asked her what the equation was for measuring the volume of a cylinder shaped object. This kind of dumbfounded her for a second.

Her husband resnorted in response.

She responded that there are several kinds of smarts.

So I held up the water bottle in my right hand inverted, showing her a cylinder shape, covering the cone shaped end with my hand.

She snatched the bottle out of my hand and read the contents, "See Ernie, it says right here, '10 fluid ounces' ---" and we all cracked up laughing.


24 Hours Worth of Little Things

Five Things In The Last 24 Hours

I thought of a great practical joke to play on my dog. This morning I watched Cooper from a distance dig a hole right beside my tomato plant and then bury his dog biscuit. I should sneak out of the house and go put 3 or 4 dog biscuits poking out of the ground where he planted his earlier. Gardening. Its not just for humans anymore.


‎"I knew what was going to happen in that TV scene"
"Me too, I'm not stupid"
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm married to you"
"That still doesn't answer the question" - laughter


A Geico teleBision commercial has a computer generated gecko talking about the merits of the insurance company and he is bragging about the REAL people available at the company. Virtual irony.


I survived a massive tornado last night in my dream.

From my friend: I'm so glad you're safe and hope Tamie survived as well!!! Scary stuff.....

My Response: I am thinking it was a pizza induced dream tornado. Supreme or chicken supreme, not sure which one.


Okay, now I'm waiting for the teleBision commercial where three spiders are eating in a fancy restaurant and the middle spider sets his cellular telephone on the table with a picture of a human on the screen and then the left spider goes berserk and then the right spider saves the day by smashing the telephone. Where is my commercial?


How To Get a Fuller Moon

While driving home one evening from a restaurant there was a full moon that had just popped up over the horizon. My wife mentioned jokingly that we needed to watch out for werewolves. I responded that there may be fuller moons than that one. My wife continued to say "No" to all my ideas for fuller moons.

A) What if you went to the surface of the moon and looked in all directions toward the horizon, wouldn't that be fuller? - "No"

B) What if a werewolf were standing on the moon and looked STRAIGHT down, so that the surface of the moon completely filled its field of vision? - "No"

C) What if the werewolf laid down on the surface of the moon, in a spacesuit of course, and looked straight UP and held a circular hand mirror that then had nothing but reflected moon surface in it, wouldn't that be larger? - "No"

She wanted to stop after my three suggestions for fuller moons.


Pi Are Squared, I Scream Are Cylindrical-ed

Day Before Yesterday: Life caN someTimes be amaZingly wonderFULL: my container of I Scream had an eXtra 3/8 inch of altitude, Mmmmmm ... ........

Today: Thinking about it more than 24 hours later, , , , in all my eXcitement I maaaaay have got off in my fractions, it may "half" only been 3/16 of an inch of eXtra altitude, but hey, do the math!, baby, thats eXtra I Scream! ...or if you are tired don't do the math. I'll do the math for you. So the area of a circle is pi times radius times radius, and then you just multiply the area of the circle times the height to get volume, and since I am comfortably in bed I will guess the size of my I Scream container to be 8 inches across so the R=4, so R squared eguals (yes I used a g on purpose) 16, which is convenient since there is now a 16 in the numerator and denominator (top N bottom) of the fraction which cancel, so 3.1415926535 * 4 * 4 * 3 / 16 = 3 pi cubic inches = 9.4247779605 eXtra cubic inches of I Scream

[the answer to your questions are,

A) yes, I know pi out that far, and
B) I did the multiplication without a calculator or paper or pen, just start from the left and work progressively right altering the answer with your carry from the next step wise minor multiplication.]

(Actually my answer is wrong because I used a truncated form of pi instead of rounding because the next numbers after 6535 are 89, but I yam tired.) so it should be 9.4247779607, I confirmed that with a calculator. Sorry.


Does Your Furnace Have A Fur Ball?

Yea, I got my HVAC license from the state of Texas: A/C Technician (Registered) License #: 39735

My mentor Eddie bought me a 44 oz iced tea to celebrate!

One of my friends asked, "Was there ever any doubt?"

My Response: Not sure, I had never done this before!

Later in the day: As long as people have cats AND keep them indoors AND do interesting things like flip their air filters around (so the air flow blows the accumulated junk up into their system) thinking that might help things, I will always have work to do. This happened two days in a row, separate clients, separate cities, a man and a woman.

The man and the woman should not get together and then not have children who will then not do the filter flip thingie and then not have to call me to not fix their AC.


The Missing Whole & The Hole in the Ozone Report

I am reading an executive summary report for the current status of the hole in the ozone layer. It is a static pdf file rather than a web page AND in the middle of the report there is a huge chunk missing, just a gray large rectangle. Refreshing/reloading the information doesn't help. At least the stratospheric ozone layer can fix itself given enough time.

I am using an iPad, so maybe it will act differently on other operating systems. Try this link and let me know:


When I backed out of the report to the table of contents, I noticed there were supposedly available versions in Spanish and French, and with this being a United Nations report, that sounded quite natural. So I decided to see if the missing gray rectangle hole in the ozone report occurred in the other languages, but it was far worse: neither language hyperlink worked, the WHOLE hole report is missing, both languages.


Lizard Safari

9:40 AM

Right now I am having my very first conversation with a lizard (in our store).

"Lizard, I am your only hope to stay alive. If you don't let me capture you and take you outside, The Women Folk will kill you OR hire seriously mean people to do it for them. So whats it going to be, Them or Me?"

(I took a break from lizard safari because he has temporarily eluded me.)

These were the weapons of my Lizard Safari 
(I forgot to include the cardboard boxes used to corral him)
Ah-ha! The Dragon confined !!!

It took about 45 minutes, but I finally captured him and released him into the wild - in the alley farther south right behind the Morley Theater. So the next time you are in the dark theater watching a movie and feel something scurry across your toe, or sitting on your shoulder, it might be my lizard friend.

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