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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Semi-Dried Gravy As An Art Medium

I had noticed several months ago that the gravy dried out faster on the edges of my pan, and that if the gravy stayed in the pan for a considerable length of time, that it would just peel right off the Teflon surface probably in excess of probably 99% if you catch it at just the right degree of dryness. The other day I was making some gravy in a pan that had ridges across the bottom, and after most of the gravy was consumed, it still left just enough gravy "connected" - still in liquid form - to form a contiguous mass but still have gaps for the holes of the "grill mark grid".

My first attempt at making a piece of dried gravy sculpture resulted in broken pieces. I decided to let it go several days to get really dry, and then work backwards with varying the drying time. So I had to hide that particular pan away from my wife or my housekeeper. So after 4 days, the side was too dry and removed with some difficulty and was too brittle. I was able to remove it completely from the pan without too much damage, but then decided to put it back to start shooting some pictures of it. When it landed back in the pan it broke apart into several pieces. So, 4 days appears to be too long. I will get some bacon cooking soon to get a fresh batch of gravy going and try for a shorter time period. I plan on draping the next trial piece on something, and also go for a smooth bottom pan as well. I think the 4 day test piece would have made an interesting wind chime maybe if it had a tough transparent coating spray to give it some support. So I am off to the hardware store to ask if they have anything that would work as an SRGRS - Semi Rigid Gravy Reinforcing Spray.

Update: The smooth pan really isn't smooth - it has a surface similar to a golf ball, so once the gravy dries on this surface, an interesting "inverse FLAT golf ball surface" will result.

Pans: QVC Cook's Essentials Hardcoat Enamel II 2pc SquareSkillets, Press
Part number K7585

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