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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Martha S. and I Share Things

Martha S. and I have several things in common, several things not so much in common.

Martha S. and I share a common name which we each obtained from other people long after we were born. I got my "S" name from my mother's family at age 47, while she got the same name from an ex-husband she married at age 19. I believe she had a Polish last name before that.

I think she has around 2 billion dollars. I think I have less than that.

I live in Texas while I believe she lives in Connect-I-Cut.

For a couple of weeks in my life approximately, 28 percent of it ago (1994 and 1995), I went to school in the same town, Milford, where she would go to the gym. Only I found out about this gym-town connection a long time after I briefly attended the Connect-I-Cut school, so I wasn't able to stalk her while I was there.

I was a Martha TV Show fan for a while a very long time ago, the main reason: to be able annoy my wife as I would pretend to be deeply in love with Martha S even though she was older, quite distant and talked funny (Connect-I-Cut Connection?). "Whatever", was my wife's response.

A wikipedia article mentions that she intended to study chemistry in college but did not, while I obtained a B.S. in Chemistry.

Martha and I do share a love of being able to use a tool for something other than its original intended purpose.

Today I sent this note to my friend by text message:

"In an emergency, a steak knife can be used as a thumbtack. A very large effective, some might even say overkill, thumbtack.

Big job?

No problem.

Big thumb,

Big tack,

Steak knife to the rescue!"

(Notice that I put in the carriage returns to space the lines to make the text message more visually appealing, a very good thing)

She responded simply "What" with no question mark.

My answer back:

"I needed to leave a message near the backdoor to not let the dog outside because the lawn guy came by and would not be able to lock every gate from the outside when he left and then if I fell asleep and (my wife's name goes here) came home she might accidentally let Cooper outside w/o realizing the current gate situation. There is a piece of cardboard near the backdoor that serves as the thumbtack receptacle"

My other friend responded:

"Cool! I will add 1 to my duct tape, gorilla glue & zip tie collection!"

The third person I sent the text message to has not yet responded.

I would like to think that Martha would be proud of my improvisational thumbtack as a 'very good thing'.

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