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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

Notice: Blogger has screwed up and lost a bunch of photos out of my blog! They are replaced with a gray silhouette of a human head. I will eventually get them replaced with the correct photo, it may take a while to find and fix everything. So some of my stories don't make much sense without their photos, sorry for the inconvenience.



My Saturday List of Things To Do ..OR.. One Day in the Life of Ernestan Bostinovich

My List of Things To Do Today
September 13th

These are not necessarily in exact order performed
Were created as the day went by
No order of importance

  • Get breakfast for The Wife at McDonalds

  • Come back to McDonalds to shoot the goofy looking Spanish version of the Big Mac slogan "Two all beef patties ...."

  • Bank Deposit

  • Groc store shop

  • After talking to friend D@n@ from French TX, begin writing a short story about her rent house disaster where the landlord was supposed to move out to live with his mother and take care of her, but continues to sleep on the couch of her rent house and she winds up getting stuck fixing the place up and now that it looks better, the landlord wants to raise the rent. Yes, thats right, the landlord is still living in the rent house, sleeping on the couch and now wants more money.

  • Get and mail BD card for friend Brandi H. Found a card where the doctor pulls a rabbit out of a guys knee and says "Are you sure you want to fix a trick knee that is this good?" Found another cool penguin card for my other friend in south Texas.

  • Get Lotto ticket

  • Avoid getting wetter

  • Fix north screen door at the 102 house

  • Strategically position toothpaste to bring it to work on Sunday afternoon

  • Get bread later today as they are out at the groc store of our favorite

  • Bring lab jacket home to wash tomorrow

  • Ask niece if you can publish your picture of her daughter as she swings the plastic bat at the pinata but misses and you have captured the moment just milliseconds away from the bat hitting the little brother (its his 2nd BD party) in the face and the mother is bending down to try to get him out of the way. Yes, he did cry. Some. I titled the photograph, "My Brother, The Pinata"

  • Write a blog story about your wife hiring a kid to pass out fliers for her new business. It is a story about how she creates her own form of advertising after thinking that the newspaper is a waste of money, a story of bettering, lettering, loitering, & littering, using a little boy to annoy the masses as he passes out papers and sticks them on windshields.

  • Set up an experiment to try to extract the purple dye out of your onions and see if goes preferentially into the water or organic phase. (Experiment is finished Nov 27th, 2008- Answer: Bottom - Water)

The purple color may be this particular chemical called a 'flavonoid' - with all the -OH hydroxyl groups, you can see why it would tend to be a water soluble compound.

  • Setup a Visa payment for Monday

  • Take your medications and vitamins

  • Do the dishes - scratch that - do more dishes than you make dirty

  • Start a blog about misinterpretations. "Honk my horn at you? Why no, officer, my car horn just happened go off while you were driving in a stupid manner. As far as I know the sound waves radiated in all directions, up and away for the entire universe to enjoy."

  • Shoot photo of the Christmas tree in this guys front yard over on Wilson street where he never takes the ladder down all year long and add it to the group of photos of goofy things you have found in Borger. (This turned out really cool - you can see the stars in the sky. I could actually pick out the Pleiades from a section of the photo that was cropped - otherwise you would have had to look at the left side mirror of my car. 30 second exposure at f4.5)

  • Perform a gastronomical experiment with two tomatoes. First, a store bought supposedly vine ripened tomato and the second from your wife's aunt's garden in French TX. Cut each tomato into equal pieces (4) and eat them in an alternating manner to extend/fool your mouth into thinking it is getting two garden fresh tomatoes. (Experiment was a success)

  • Try to come up with another song for the musical you are writing called "Wahoo! Nebraska" which is the story of a man who fails to write a musical about Wahoo, NE, a place he has never been before and doesn't even know where it is on the map, and instead the musical is about how wonderful his life and wife are, and of course, there is the dog Cooper, the central character. So far the songs in rough draft are "Wahoo! Nebraska", and "Chicken and Cheese, Please". I think there is already a third song that I have forgot about; have to go look through my notes later.

  • Create a new blog as a Tourism Guide to the hot spots of Borger TX that includes the goofy pictures you have collected so far. Later create a map to guide the pilgrimage masses to the exact location where the photos were taken. Try to get longitude and latitude coordinates from a GPS device or Google Earth at a later time.
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    esbboston said...

    There is a third song in my "Wahoo!, Nebraska" musical with a "reincarnation" theme to it. One day at work my dear friend Chris was flabbergasted when he found out that I brought a piece of leftover (cooked) steak back from Lubbock TX and kept in on ice over a several hour time period and then gave it to Cooper. He thought that I had finally started eating beef again (NO! - still a 'Bison bison' man) His joking response was that if he ever came back (was reincarnated) he wanted to be Ernie's dog, because Cooper is spoiled beyond belief, right up there with Paris Hilton's pooch.

    So the opening lines in the song go something like this:

    When I come back I wanna be Ernie's dog,
    Don't wanna be a guinea pig,
    or any other kinda hog,
    I wanna be Ernie's bud-dy,
    I wanna be Ernie's friend.

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