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High Velocity Lead Poisoning

"Friskie" - This is one of my oldest just barely intact pieces of writing. My mother sent this to me today (see photos at bottom). There were two pieces in her letter, the first explaining how she came across this famous letter of protest from my childhood (1969, age ~11) and got it photocopied for me. The letter expresses my feelings concerning the death of my dog Friskie from high velocity lead poisoning at the hands, no, trigger finger of my father. But the photocopy also has something that I had forgot about: My best friend Jody, from across the street, had also wrote a supportive claim. I believe that Jody lives in Las Vegas, NV. So if somebody out there can find him, please have him contact me.

Just in case you can't read the letters in the photos, I have transcribed them for you.

One of the best fight
ing dogs a boy
could have.
Killed for no
reason in
1968. Daddy shot him
because he saved me three
times, all from John
Weaver, next door
Dr. E. B. Boston <--- he he, children, ("Dr")

And then the supportive piece from Jody Corean, probably about age 13. Notice that he spells my childhood name 'Ernie' wrong, twice. Thats okay, he spelled Friskie wrong too, 3 out of 4 times.

Frisky was the most
playfull dog in the Upper
Valley road. But there
was one thing nobody
could do to frisky, except
Erine, Jody. That was
Wrestling frisky.
If anybody touched
Erine be sides Jody, Friskie
would bit them. No
matter who it was.
Jody Corean
<--- I like the emphatic touch of the double underline

Thanks, Mommy!

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