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Oh Know, Bono

From CNN:

Sonny and Cher's Child Transitioning from Female to Male

Chastity Bono, gay-rights activist and child of performer Cher and the late entertainer and politician Sonny Bono, is in the early stages of transitioning from a female to a male and will be known as Chaz, his spokesman said Thursday.

---end of partial article paste from CNN---

So, Chastity wants to chop off her "tity" part and turn the S around for a Z.


Later on in the article there was a quote from someone else who mentioned that most of the time there isn't surgery involved with someone wanting to change from one gender to the other. They just want to switch and start being known as a man or a woman.

WHAT?!?!? I'm sorry, you are defined by your genetics as to whether you are male or female. It is not a decision you get to make. You can ACT like you are something else, but again, it is just an act. Its not the real thing represented chemically at the molecular level deep down inside the real you.

Clarification: This article is not meant to be a statement for or against gay rights, transgendering, private activities between consenting adults, or other activities. There are enough people fighting those battles. Its about the very basic words 'know' and 'known' from a scientific perspective.

What makes it even harder for Chastity Bono is that she grew up in the spot light of television on her parents show as a girl. A Girl. A GIRL. Millions of people have known her as a female. She is now 40 years old. Her life is approximately half over. She will never really be known as a male. She will only ever be known as a woman who wants to be known as a man, which is not the same thing. AND every day for the rest of her life she herself will always know that she is a woman. And now she is asking the rest of us to think something else?

The basic word "know" means an understanding of acquired facts, hopefully something based in truth, experimental evidence, and or reality; a consensus.

You can do pretty much what you want to in life as far as your resources will permit and the laws of your society allow. But bear in mind that there are consequences for your actions. And living in a state of denial and unreality has been historically shown to be disastrous paths to take both for individuals as well as societies.

Chastity is asking us to know her as a man, a sort of Yentl for our mental, at the cross-dressing crossroads of her mid life crisis.

I plan to continue to 'no' her as a man.

Chastity: stick to being a woman - its really the better end of the deal of the human condition. By having practically all my closest friends and confidants be female, that's one of the main lessons I have learned in life as a male.

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