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Why Did The Chicken Move To Zanesville Ohio?

Today I got a feel for how zany the state of Ohio is.

There is a Zanesville which is a 100 times larger than Zanesfield, which is actually a village. Zanesville, the non-village, has a Y-shaped bridge. You can cross the bridge and stay on the same side of the river or go to the other side. So this answers my question: "Why did the chicken move to Zanesville, OH?"

Answer: So it could stop crossing the road and opt for a bridge with options instead.

Hmmm, there is also a North Zanesville and a South Zanesville, separate from the Zanesville within the same county. The chicken now has more options.

There is also south of South Zanesfield ANOTHER place called 'Zanesville Terrace', but it is listed as a Class Code U6 by the census bureau - "A populated place that is not a census designated or incorporated place having an official federally recognized name." Well, you know how fussy migratory chickens can be; they would never want to move to a place like that! Maybe be forced to live there held in captivity, yes, but move there of their own free will, no.

My pen-pal mentioned that it sounded like my kind of town, zany.

Yes! After I wrote this and was wandering in the dark and cold outside with Cooper looking at the stars, I remembered another piece that I wrote a long time ago (2007) about a trip through Kansas even longer ago (maybe 12 years ago) called "Three Tales from the Kanzany Road" about silly/zany things/events while passing through the land of Dorothy and Toto. Its part of my "Traveling on Asphalt For Dummies" series.

Three Tales from the Kanzany Road

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