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Being Married To Two Thirds of The Dixie Chicks Is A Dream Job

[ I finally decided to publish this after waiting almost two years ]

February 11th, 2008

I had the strangest, most elaborate dream of my entire life last night. I was living with 2 out of 3 of The Dixie Chicks, in the same house, a giant house and there were tons of children and several episodes in the dream.

There were even mad mother-in-laws, crude robotic machines that swept the floors, and failed attempts at trying to take a shower (it was always filled). None of the children were mine and practically all of them didn't like me.

The third Dixie Chick (the banjo player) actually lived in the same house, but I didn't have a marriage relationship with her like I did the other two. I don't even know the names of the Dixie Chicks! I know that in real life the lead singer is from Lubbock, Texas, where the dream took place.

There were picture albums. We spent time looking at photo albums together.

The entire dream took place inside or near the house EXCEPT there was an accompanying segment of the dream where I parked my car (the exact Lincoln Town car I have in real life) in an empty lot instead of leaving it in the street, near a convenience store. The street was a wide multi-lane east-west passageway in Lubbock, south of the loop.

Someone contacted me about my car, and I was warned that I had 24 hours to get my car or it would be towed away. But when I got there in plenty of time there were several vehicles and people fixing to tow my car. I had an argument with them but then I think I was recognized as "The Dixie Chick Guy" and they let me have my car for $385.

I had also lost my personal organizer in the dream, and was frustrated about that. I was married to the Dixie Chick who is the main singer and also the one who plays the fiddle. Their mothers looked like aged versions of them in my dream.

The passageways in part of the house were very narrow.

What prompted this dream? I had watched a small portion of one music video 'Cowboy Take Me Away' as I was flipping channels. Obviously I am their cowboy of choice. Later when I sent this dream recording to my second pen pal in Washington, there was a little bit more that I had not sent to my first pen pal in Texas:

No one in the house smoked. There was a separate office area under a large patio area where the business people worked and they all smoked, and there was falling water in several places and devices to keep the place cool. The people in the office area all liked me.

There was one time where I kissed the lead singer on the cheek because she was undergoing some medical procedure, and headed to the doctor's office. She looked rather pale.

Oh, I almost forgot, there were some free fiddle lessons as well.

So if they ever decide to write a song called: "Robotic Cowboy Sweep Me Off My Feet", I already have a music video idea for them.

Off to make breakfast in the real world....

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