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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Indo Sham Nesia

I am in the wrong business.

There is a guy in Indonesia that charges $104,000 to slaughter a water buffalo and then hide the head to ward off evil spirits. And his prices have gone up about 20% since last year as he is one of the more popular shamans.

That would be a good idea for a new reality teleBision show, "Popular Shamans". Mix an amazing race, a bit of Real Houseknives of Jakarta and Duncing With The Stars.

I would go a cheaper, smaLLer product route though, and use squirrels instead of water buffalo. There are some agua bisons nearby less than an hour away, but I would prefer being able to work out of the trunk of my car. If I get reaLLy busy and someone is insistent on a buffalo, my truck does handle up to four thousand pounds. I would just have to find a place for my spare tire.

Sorry, I did my math wrong earlier, his prices have gone up about 25% since last year. The popular shaman is also a famous horror movie star.

For the less wealthy you can look in the Indonesian classified ads for budget rate shamans.

Update: Oh, I found out they already have shaman teleBision shows in Indonesia. Or in this case, a teleBISON show.


Rob Z Tobor said...

Just for a split second I thought you said budget rat shamans.

I may advertise myself as a cyberspace shaman at Shamen-R-Us,

esbboston said...

яob: I think a Shamens-я-Us is a яeLLy good idea. We might tяy to invent Shamen Noodles, too.

Marianne said...

Bery Bery funny.

esbboston said...

MaЯianne: You aЯe бeЯy, бeЯy шelcome! Hope you are having a wonder-fuLL Turkey Day! We stuffed early, so repeat performances are not hindered. ActuaLLy I have had no pie just yet, but soon. (Actually, a B in Russian makes a v sound whereas the б that I used makes a b sound, so you are more correct than me.)

Badger said...

I am sure in Texas there would be people who would pay you slaughter squirrels and hid their heads.

esbboston said...

Badger: I just noticed a few minutes ago that one of my friends in Facebook had posted a photograph with their hunting wins. They had a porcupine, raccoon, and two rabbits. I know at one time the state paid for coyotes. So I left him a FB comment: MMM - Multi Meat Meal.

I have plenty of turkey-oyster dressing-mashed potatoes-broccoli rice cheese casserole-corn-multi fruit cranberrie salad to keep me satisfied. The second time I tried it with a little Bénédictine, veRy fine combo. Pumpkin pie too. I need to make another round of pumpkin bread loaves, the first ones turned out great. We need to coordinate our long distance holiday meal simultaneous consumption like we did last year, that was fun. Hope Cate had/has a nice trip to the states. Any plans yet for an eXotic holiday trip? Scandanavia was quite interesting last time.

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