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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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So, Then What Day of the Week for Santa Claus?

I looked at my finger the other day and I thought, "How did I BURN my finger?!?!?" 

I looked at the 'burn' veRy carefuLLy and pondered its eXistence. Then I scraped it just a little around the edge and realized that it was not a burn ... It was a thin layer of dried cheese from where I had hand washed the inside of the cup that had held my spaghetti or chili.

I had been walking around in public with dried cheese on my finger.

Très Embarrassant

I thought, "What an interesting puzzle this would be for CSI folks trying to collect fingerprints."


PracticaLLy aLL my favorite (i.e. only) fictional teleBisions shows start in Jan & Feb.

A commercial comes on for The Americans.

Me: "Yea, I now have a reason to go on living."

Wife: "WHAT ?!?!?"


I saw that drones as a Christmas present are veRy popular this year.

I am probably the last person who needs a drone. 'Cause then I would have to buy a second one to have a hot spare, and then a third one to do mid-air refueling, and a fourth for ...


My son walked into the bedroom carrying a piece of mail, saying, "I bet this is a Christmas Card, because it is addressed to:
Ernest, Tamie & Cooper Boston" 

I laughed and said, "I bet I know who it is from" I was right, one of my cousins from Nebraska, the younger one.

I told Cooper, "You got a Christmas Card!" (And a nice long wonderful letter) He wagged his tail and smiled.


On teleBision at the diner: 

Thursday Night Football: Saturday Edition

Yes, tHat makEs perFect senSe ...


I was looking for an interesting math problem, so I decided to calculate what day of the week Jesus was born. 

It was a Monday.

I was hoping for a "Son"-day.


December 19th was a bad day. I needed to be in Texas, Oklahoma and South Dakota aLL at the same time.

I chose to stay put in Texas.


Please eXcuse my temporary font mess. The blogger app and the Notepad in iPad are now doing goofy things when they try to work two-gether.


Rob Z Tobor said...

An almost Happy New Year Mr ESB, as we are almost at the end of the year.

Those Drones were a very popular Christmas present in Britain. Maybe I should set up a small business using drones to hunt for the drones that everyone has lost since Christmas due to inexperience at flying drones.

Jesus was born in October I'm afraid I think it was the Catholic church did a sneaky trick to ensure it happened at the same time as the old pagan winter festival so they officially moved it (the birth of Jesus). I think he was born on October 19th but I may be wrong, I was very young at the time. . . . .

esbboston said...

ActuaLLy I just calculated the day of the week for December 25th for year 0. I realize that years have been rearranged and I think there isn't even a year 0, which of course I don't understand. I was just doing some silly yet accurate math with repeating patterns.

fmcgmccllc said...

My Spanky Dog did not get a card this year and was kinda put out. I am waiting for the Bachelor in Iowa on a corn farm to find true love with women in 5 inch heels.

esbboston said...

I am usuaLLy *afraid* of women in 5 in high heels.

Hope you have an absolutely wonderful new year. It wiLL be different for both of us in the same way, babies!!!!!!

fmcgmccllc said...

The babies will be the best.

esbboston said...

fmcgmccllc: mine wiLL be aLL the way across the state of Texas, so we wiLL be wearing out alot of tires. Will your's be close?

Pete said...

Hello sir. It is I Bumf Hogart. Just popped in to say hello and I hope you don't mind but I plan to steal your line when the adverts come on TV for a show I like. I cant wait to see the wifes face when I say "YES! A reason to live!" boy that's gonna cost me... but it will be worth it! hahaha.
All the best for 2015.

esbboston said...

Bumferry: As I teLL my wife infrequently in an authoritative voice (comically), "I wiLL allow it!!!"

Badger said...

I need a drone so I can see if there are leaves in my top gutters. Happy New Year.

esbboston said...

Badger: I wrote this poem from your words:

Top Gutter

I need a drone of my own
So the eyes of me can see
If the tree leaves leaves
In my top gutter.

Then I'll need another flying tool
With attachments that can flutter
And scoop away biological debris
From my top gutter.

I s'ppose I could use a ladder
But I would be so much gladder
To use robots with wings
To remove the things that clings
Outta my top gutter.

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