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Notice to Strawberry Twizzler Addicts with Poor Memory Skills: WMT is NOT Your Friend

On Friday, February 13, 2009 I posted a blog titled:

Notice to Strawberry Twizzler Addicts with Poor Math Skills: WMT is Not Your Friend

It outlined the strange pricing practices of WMT in regards to their handling of the Strawberry Twizzler products.

Since that time I uncovered another devious scheme at WMT and Their Twizzler Twisting Tag Trickery. WMT fraudulently posted this price sticker (photo below) indicating a price reduction when in fact the price for this product has been $1.50 for several months. At this exact store in Dumas, TX 3 weeks ago the price on this product was $1.50 - so if there has been a massive 38 cent or 20.2% reduction in price, it was only so they could jack around with your brain trying to make you think you are being treated special. Sorry. You aren't. They are just playin' with ya'.

There was no real roll back as the sign indicates, only a rolling around.

Bouncy Roll Backers.
Twizzler Twisters.
Licorice Liers.

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arlee bird said...

Yeah, I notice that they get me hooked with an exceptional price when compared to other places and keep going back and doing a lot of shopping there. But over all, in comparison with the other grocery store where I shop, WMT is usually cheaper. The fact the WMT is basically across the street from my house almost makes me tend to go there more often than not.

Hope you check out the posts on my blog today and tomorrow--they are about a keyboard /multi-instrumentalist that you may enjoy.
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I'm going to start following yours as well--I like what I see so far.

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