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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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May We See Your Mirth Certificate Please?

Forget about the birth certificate for Obama, the Twenty-second Amendment (1951) prevents a President from being elected more than twice. I am starting to think Barak H O might be the reincarnation of Grover Cleveland, who has already served two terms. If you look at pictures of them there is an uncanny resemblance.

Oh, sorry, I accidentally pulled up a picture of Grover from Sesame Street, I get him and the former prez mixed up every once in a while, my bad.

‎(While researching this piece of humor I discovered that there have been THREE Adlai Stevenson's in national politics, same family tree, just one generation skipped: first one was a Vice Pres, second a Pres contender, and the third came close to being a vice pres nominee. They served in a variety of other posts as senator, congressman, ambassador and governor as well)

C L A R I F I C A T I O N: By "uncanny" I mean that neither one on them resembles a can.

Hmmm, maybe its a foursome of confusion: Obama looks like Adlai Stevenson's son's son, who was Grover Cleveland's vice president with both of them politicians from the great state of Illinois and Obama's vice president Biden looks more like Grover Cleveland with both of them being more East Coasty, as well as Grover from Sesame Street looking more like Barak all the time. Perhaps I really just need more coffee at 1:15 AM. ... Oh, sorry, counting noses, thats five "people", so, fivesome, unless you are factoring in the reincarnation reduction, then maybe "fourpointonesome", approximately. I think I checked all their birthdays as well (including Grover of Sesame Street fame) and they don't match. Yes, thats right, Grover has a birthday listed in his Wikipedia article: October 14th.

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