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Do Not Bend Means Nothing To Certain People

Friday May 11th, 2012

I thought I was receiving a diploma by FedEx or UPS for the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning) college diploma course that I recently finished, but instead I got a $10 multimeter. Model M830B Digital Multimeter by Tekton. Nice. It even came with a 9-V battery! It works. That was about a week ago.

So I thought, hmm, I was hoping for another college diploma. I already had a multimeter.

But today I got a big package delivered by the wrong people, the United States Postal Service. The big package clearly says "DO NO BEND" in uppercase letters near the bottom front side. But they bent it anyway to force it into my mail box.

I can probably stick it in a frame and it will probably flatten out just fine, I don't see any harsh wrinkles.

So on to the third college tale. When I got finished with the HVAC diploma I decided to get pricing and availability for other courses. I asked about two, and only two, that interested me. Electricity and Basic Electronics. Those are two separate diploma courses. The person at the college was desperately trying to sign me up to get started by paying on the installment plan, but that route is terribly more eXpensive. I plan to pay some time in the near future in one lump sum, the cheapest way to go. But there are still calls now on my phone every few days from them pestering me to get started.

The information packets that arrived today for the s'pposedly separate courses were filled with useless propaganda about how great the college was and no detailed info about either of the Electricity or Basic Electronics courses. BOTH brochures were identical, labeled "Computer Technician" at the top.


Shelly said...

I have actually contemplated writing "Please Do Bend" on a large envelope, mailing it to myself, and seeing in what condition it arrives.

esbboston said...

Shelly: I am eXhausted at the moment from wrestling with a broken sun tanning bed, so I misread your comment. I didn't notice the Not gone during the first read and it cracked me up laughing when I read it a second time.

fmcgmccllc said...

Congrats and all that but I think we should take a Shelly tactic and all of us mail please do bend envelopes on a specific date. Just make them crazy.

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