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I Like Your Shoes

There is a picture of the two leaders of the countries of Afghanistan and the United States of America on the front of the Wall Street Journal this morning. It looks solemn. But it reaLLy isn't.

In the picture the two men are standing side by side, looking down, you can't see their eyes.

But here is the secret conversation between Barak Obama and Hamid Karzai

- I like your shoes

- I like your shoes, too

- Are those real shoe strings?

- No, its an amazing hidden Velcro subsystem

- Cool

- I like your necktie

- MicheLLe chose a pink one but I changed to this maroon at the last minute

- WeLL, you do look good in pink. Its my favorite color, but my wife never lets me wear it, at least in public

- How long are we suppose to stay in this pose looking down at our feet. We rarely do this in my country

- Yes, we do it aLL the time here. We take lots of mini naps. We could have a fun time with these photographers

- How?

- Do you want to hold hands?

- No, and none of that kissy face stuff either

- [frowns]

- Have you been watching 'Smash' on NBC?

- Yes and no, I stopped after the third episode

- I made it to episode four

- What about 'Two And A Half Men'?

- Oh, that Chuck Lorre, he is a genius, bringing Charlie back from the dead by using a cigar smoking Kathy Bates in Alan's medicaLLy induced dream state

- [giggles]

- [giggles]

- Yes, genius

- I'm hungry

- Me, too

- Do you want to know a reaLLy cool trick?

- Whats that?

- If you stare at the red and white stripes of the American flag for a long time and then look at a white waLL, your brain wiLL play an optical iLLusion on you and you'LL momentarily see black and green stripes just like the robe you have on

- Yes, I knew about that and that's why I wore this today. It works the other direction too

- Oh, so, if I stare at your robe a reaLLy long time I'LL see red and white stripes?

- Yes, pretty cool, huh?

- Cool

- But I'm stiLL hungry

- Me, too

- You touched my hand

- Sorry

Update: 2012.05.02 09:00

I discovered that I made it all the way to spot 10 in a Google search for "Obama and Karzai Lorre"

I took a screen shot of the Google search, but getting the photo into Blogger this morning is proving to be an impossible task. I took the screen shot on my iPad, then e-mailed the photo to myself at Yahoo, then uploaded the photo to my PC, then Yahoo made me save it out of a compressed file directory, then I renamed the file to a decent name, and noticed they have changed something so now they are using PNG files instead of jpg type, so who knows how weLL that will improve things. Then I tried to edit the blog post to add the picture ...and... nothing. The program just freezes at Blogger when I try to add the photo directly from my PC. So I try to add the photo to my Blogger album first to see if that works, but no, that method also fails. Maybe later, I have had this happen before ....

Yea! I finaLLy got the picture to upload ... I had to go to the "Edit HTML" feature of the WYSIWYG editor in order to make it happen ...

Update: 2012.05.02 09:25

I just did the Google search again to show my wife, and now I am at spots number one AND two!

My wife said, "I hope you aren't doing something that wiLL get us death threats."

Meanwhile she returns to cooking breakfast.


fmcgmccllc said...

You are cracking me up.

Pearl said...

Best post yet, in my humble opinion, esb. :-)


Marianne said...

You're very original, ESB.

Badger said...

Well done. Love the screenplay.

Rob Z Tobor said...

Well Cool Mr ESB you have cracked the search engine trick. One one very cool post.......

Only one thing it is probably rather near to the truth

Rob Z Tobor said...

Ooooo I just googled steven spielberg and i've made it to page one too. Well on my pc anyway

Aysh said...


esbboston said...

To Everyone: You are way too kind.

Afghanistan is a very dangerous place, so I was hoping that neither one of them got assassinated within the next 24 hours after I wrote this. After 24 hours it wasn't going to bother me as much, but I don't reaLLy know why. Afghanistan is also tricky to speLL, I just now saw a missing f. No, don't go looking for it, I fixed it already!

I would have responded earlier but yesterday was kinda busy. One more test and I have my HVAC diploma!!!

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