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Why My Dog is Probably Going to Vote Democrat

Why my dog is probably going to vote Democrat.

Cooper was peacefuLLy working on his chew bone on the livingroom floor during the David Letterman Show. Dave was showing the fake video of Mitt Romney driving when a dog suddenly comes down the exterior side of the window knocking on the glass making canine whining noises, while Mitt just keeps driving and talking, ignoring the dog. Cooper stopped chewing and looked up at the teleBision for the rest of the comedic bit.

So I am guessing it was a real dog noise even though it was visuaLLy a fake dog.

Update: My friend over at Facebook reminded me to get Cooper registered to vote.

My response to her: I asked him about it this morning to make sure he wasn't too traumatized by the video, and I tried to eXplain about Mitt's dog on vacation traveling on top of the car, but aLL I could get out of Cooper was something Scoobie Doo-ish that sounded like, "H. Rosh Rutt-Roh?", so I guess he going third party now.

Registered? I think he got registered when he got micro-chipped.

Update: The same FB friend asked: Does he work? Did he pay taxes? The answer is clear.

My response: Work? He guards, comforts and entertains me, and I figured up the approximate annual amount for the sales tax on just his chew bones: $34.32

Update: (From the same FB friend, can you teLL she is a lawyer?) He's a 47%-er for sure. Maybe he's a yellow dog Democrat!! Errr, or white dog Democrat?

My Response: From a distance during a Texan sunset there is a bit of a yellow cast to him. If you went to Ace Hardware and asked for paint color that was 4.7% yellow, that would be it. Just ask for an incomplete mix, I'm sure that wiLL confuse them.


Badger said...

I would trust Cooper on that one.

esbboston said...

Badger: With Cooper being a 50:50 mix of German Shepherd - Husky, he may be trying to figure out whether he is part of Mitt's 47 percent or not.

Rob Z Tobor said...

Hello Mr ESB I have a small window to post a comment before I vanish again for a few days. But I agree always trust a dog, in fact it might be best just to let dogs vote, not men.

I will now vanish again until Sunday when I should return....

esbboston said...

Zob T Robor: You are alive! Yea! I have missed you, it has been lonely out in (cyber)space. I am kinda space-y right now, in the middle of reading a new sci-fi novel by Iain M Banks. Badger had been sick too, but he appears to be doing better now, back to blogging. I painted some today, so I am tired and sore, climbing a ladder too. I am just waiting for the vice-presidential debates to get finished so I can watch teleBision soon.

esbboston said...

Rob: Oh, I forgot to ask you how your journey to the center of the earth was going.

Pearl said...


The cats are registered DFL (democrat farm-labor -- a real thing here in MN!) but insist on voting Independent here and there, just to throw a cat's-wrench into the whole thing.


esbboston said...

Pearl: Yes, I already knew about the DFL party from some reading a few weeks ago. I think it was from the book by another Minnesotan "Lizz Free or Die: Essays" by Lizz Winstead. Cats wiLL be cats (0r leopards, or tiggers, or Lyons, or ...) I pronounce DFL as "duffle" hoping it wiLL catch on with the masses.

Marianne said...

I didn't know Cooper was from Chicago. Dogs totally vote here.

esbboston said...

Marianne: I didn't know he was from Chicago either!

Q: what do you think about the new teleBision show Chicago Fire?

Marianne said...

ESB - We DVR'ed it, will report back once Joe and I sit down to watch it (I'll have a notebook to record Joe's thoughts, which may or may not include a lot of swearing as in "WTF? That's not how a fire BURNS!").

esbboston said...

Marianne: hahaha - funny, I can just hear him saying that! - "That's not how a fire BURNS!" As soon as I saw the ads for that show I thought of you, "I know some real Chicago fire people"

Mia said...

Funny you should mention paint considering your next post.

esbboston said...

Mia: Some people have water on the brain, perhaps I have paint on the brain, considering aLL my recent activities. October is fairly good painting weather in my part of Texas. I don't remember if you have been to Texas, I remember that you have spent time in the USofA.

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