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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Putin On The Blitz Krieg

I saw this paragraph at CNN:

The Pentagon plans to keep an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean longer than planned as a military presence to reassure NATO allies following Russia’s intervention in Crimea, CNN has learned.

I was wondering what good that does to the situation. I have thought of a few things I am going to do myself. First, I am going to move a pillow from my bed to my livingroom couch. Second, I am going to rearrange the knives, forks, and spoons in my kitchen drawer so the sharp edges are facing towards Russia. Third, I am moving my jug of milk from the right to the left side of my refrigerator.

That wiLL teach Putin to mess with Crimea.


ActuaLLy I am returning to work today after being sick & trapped at my house for about five days. Even if I would have wanted to leave the house yesterday and wind was so bad and so much dirt was being moved through the air that I am not even sure I am stiLL in Texas, there was no way I was getting out in that mess. The weather service even issued warnings to seek shelter and against driving in it.

But I am eXcited to get back to the printing business as I have alot of things to produce, and plus I got a brand new broom and mop combination tool for doing my janitorial work. Yes - they are both on the same pad, you flip it over to switch between sweeping and mopping. I tried it briefly before I got sick and it seems to work nicely for my business environment (cosmetology shop). Anything that speeds up the cleaning process is welcome as long as my renters are happy.

Link: Flip Mop


Please check out the drawings of my fellow blogger Rob Z Tobor at The Drawings of Rob Z Tobor


I wonder who writes teleBision commercials. I see one for Atlantis resorts where they first say "Atlantis, where its always summer", and then it starts talking about their Spring special that's good through March 17th, but then I realize that means its still Winter time, technicaLLy, and Spring starts about 4 days after their special ends.

Then a few days after I first noticed this they changed their date to March 31st.


Badger said...

We could get Sarah Palin to stand on her porch and shout at Putin. That would work at least as well as the aircraft carrier.

Rob Z Tobor said...

Thank you for the link Mr ESB that is very kind of you and as I have already stated please feel free to use any images you like if it will help make your fortune. Sadly I suspect it will not they are acquired taste really.

I do worry a bit about President Putin, not so much that he has taken over Crimea as that was going to happen; it is after all one of Russia's main naval ports. But I dont think he has good diplomacy skills and he has very cold eyes, the sort of eyes that would press the nuclear button. And you never see him smile.

I hope you are well again and can make the most of the new flip mop sweeping device it may be our last line of defence as the ghost of the iron curtain jingles in our ears.

esbboston said...

Badger: Putin and Palin seem to be a good match, with the P i n match.

Rob: I googled ' Putin smile ' and you are correct, he never smiles. The mop seemed to work wonders, but after I did a couple hours of art work this afternoon I left just as soon as I could, back in pain. At least Tamie can make screens now that I generated the transparencies for the silk screen process.

Update: In reality my knives point south so their blades already lay flat facing east or west - and Russia is both directions. There is always a pillow or two moving between the couch and the bedroom, and my wife said, "good luck rearranging anything in that crowded refrigerator."

Rob Z Tobor said...

"good luck rearranging anything in that crowded refrigerator." I quess we are talking the Cold War then. . . . . . . . . .

HAH HA HAH h hah ah ah hha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

fmcgmccllc said...

Putin does not seem to be very excited about what "we" may or may not do, this could get interesting. Thank you for the milk and knife gesture. I am watching with interest.

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