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Accidentally Mashed Potatoes

I can teLL I have not had enough coffee yet. I was fiLLing out a form online for some information and in the first box for email address I mindlessly wrote, "email", then laughed at myself. There is something seriously wrong upstairs ....

That first paragraph was my Facebook status early Sunday morning.

I went to copy the text of that (Facebook) status in order to copy it over to this blog and noticed that my iPad gave me the choice of either copying it to the clipboard OR speaking the text. So I let a robotic female voice speak my words to me. I think I sound better than that, but I am not sure. If you try this feature and find out the Apple robot sounds better than me, please do not teLL me, it can be your little secret. So just lie to me and say, "Yes, Ernie, you sound better than a female Apple robot."

I took the eXperience one step farther by having the robot speak the second status that I wrote about her speaking. She pronounces "teLL" funny.

I would prefer a robotic voice that sounded like a young Shirley Temple.

- - - - -

I was reminded today that we have less than 8,000 years before we need to switch to 5 digit years. Y10K programmers get busy ...

- - - - -

Someone has sinned greatly in our home. There is no worcestershire sauce. My wife blames me.

- - - - -

Our printing business is suddenly getting much busier, so that is nice, with larger individual orders. That wiLL keep the wife in a happier mood, knowing that I am slaving away. But more importantly it means more money to help pay for medical insurance.

- - - - -

I walk in the kitchen to a meal that I wasn't scheduled to be part of because I routinely go to the diner on Saturday evenings. I look down at a large bowl and the only thing in the bowl is a stick of margarine. After 30 years of eXperience in this household I immediately knew that my wife was making mashed potatoes.

I look over on the stove and the left rear burner has what appears to be a finished pot of cooked potatoes.

But I look at the kitchen bar where my wife and son are eating and it appears they are finished with their meals and just chatting.

I ask, "Are you making mashed potatoes?"

My wife responds, "Well, I wasn't planning on making mashed potatoes, but I got busy making supper and accidentally started them."

My son and I crack up laughing, thinking, how can you go through the process of accidentally peeling a pot of potatoes, washing them, putting in the water, put them on the stove, get out the mixing bowl, put in the margarine ....

She actually posed for a picture holding up the bowl with just the margarine, but I didn't have a camera.

The potatoes were discarded the neXt day, a tiny piece of Idaho wasted.


Rob Z Tobor said...

Hello Mr ESB I am not sure it is possible to make mashed potatoes accidently either, although the last line left me with the song from the B52's rattling in my head . . . . . Own Private Idaho . . . . and I thought, I wonder if this song is a result of an accidental mash potato incident, and there is a reference to a potato about twenty seconds in. . . . .

Glad the printing is going well although in Britain the Health Service is free so PHEW. . . . .(OK it comes out of general taxes, but it feels free).

esbboston said...

Rob: I think it means living in a very tiny private place. There is also a similarly titled movie that I have not seen. I s'ppose it is possible to ax-I-dently invade Crimea as weLL. But I don't know if they grow potatoes in Crimea, although they certainly drink them (vodka).

esbboston said...

Rob: I found something Idaho-ish in my cabinet, then put some liquid in it from Fécamp, Normandy, France, then added a photo to the blog post.

Pearl said...

I have never accidentally mashed potatoes, but I can appreciate that it could happen. :-)


Rob Z Tobor said...

I have never seen an Idaho based glass before, It just goes to show the world is full of many things and we only ever see a tiny part of them.

I think I could say you have

Your own private Idaho (glass)

esbboston said...

Pearl: I bet you have had at least one accident involving food.

Rob: At least with Google Earth and Google Everything Else its easier to see almost everything. I was thinking maybe there should be a Google My-croscope. I have been to Idaho at least two times. My aunt thought I had been to her house before my first weLL documented visit in 2009 but I am pretty sure she is wrong. Oh, remember the pineapple plant I have dedicated as yours out of my plantation? It is doing fine but I am not sure which one it is now, I lost track, sorry.

Rob Z Tobor said...

As the old saying goes

A pineapple by any other name is still a pineapple.

Badger said...

You did not say why Cooper had to go to the vet.

esbboston said...

Rob: In our house we typicaLLy use the Portuguese word for pineapple. Abacaxi

Badger: Oh, sorry if I startled you by my incompleteness. He is just fine, he went for his annual checkup, shots and nails trimmed.

fmcgmccllc said...

Punkin Head said driving through Idaho was amazing, all the potato hills. And he reminded me all the volcano eruptions in Oregon and Washington made the Idaho potato possible.

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