Absent For A Bit ....

I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

Notice: Blogger has screwed up and lost a bunch of photos out of my blog! They are replaced with a gray silhouette of a human head. I will eventually get them replaced with the correct photo, it may take a while to find and fix everything. So some of my stories don't make much sense without their photos, sorry for the inconvenience.



B All U Can B: Comparison - Army Or Me

Dear Prodigal Son in Fort Far Away Georgia,

So I hear that you have some interesting things in your life.

"Be all you can be"? - I think they really meant they were going to be in charge of the all part of your life .... here are some more "B" words to consider ....

- Bald - hmmmm, I don't think I ever forced you to give up all your hair, "How does it feel? Like a rolling stone?"

- Beret - hmmmm, I don't think I ever forced you to wear a funny hat at any point in your whole life, especially something French looking, how horrible! Well, there were birthday parties, but I think you spent alot of time wearing a Texas A& M cap over the last several years to make up for any previous indiscretions in the headware department.

- Boring Clothes - hmmmm, I don't think I ever forced you to wear a plain wardrobe, well, maybe your mother did, I am not sure about this one.

- Big Glass Binoculars - hmmmm, I think you got to pick out your own eye wear instead of now being forced to wear Army regulation ugly glasses. As I remember, you picked out some very interesting contact lens over the years.

- Bang - hmmmm, I don't think the deal I made with you to go to college and provide some support for you along the way ever carried any stipulations about needing to shoot people.... hmmm, now I seem to recall I spent a couple decades asking you/reminding you NOT to kill people and to be a nice person, yeah, I think I remember something along those lines, do you?

Please come home soon permanently before it is too late,
We kinda miss you a little.


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