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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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A Bag of Water By Any Other Name Would Be Just As Scary

As I was entering a local burrito shop there was a clear plastic bag of water hanging near the front door.

I placed my order and asked the attendant about the bag.

The owner was standing a few feet away and said that it keeps flies away.

Curious, I asked for a scientific explanation.

He told me that when the flies go by the bag of water their reflection is magnified by the bag of water and how the little flies are scared of the big flies because the big flies eat the little flies.

"Really" was my semi-sarcastic response.

The owner told me that they are used all over the country of Mexico, in people's houses and businesses.

So I asked him for permission to shoot the picture of the bag of water so I could put it on Facebook.

He told me sure, it would be okay.

I told him that I publish stories on the Internet.

He suddenly said "No, not if it is going to be on the Internet! Then someone will steal my idea"

I humorously thought, no, its just a clear plastic bag of water, probably no patent pending and you already told me you got the idea from your grandmother and they are hanging all over Mexico. So I assured him that when people saw my story it would help him become more famous, people would come from all over to see his bag of water and eat at his place. He said it would be okay. Of course I was pretty sure that I could take a picture of a bag of water in a public place and there wasn't going to be much he could do to stop me, but I'm a nice guy and ask permission.

A little later while eating at the restaurant another patron mentions the bag of water. He thinks that the bag of water is used to keep evil spirits away. I lean toward him and say with a very serious, quiet voice, holding back my laughter successfully, that flies are evil spirits.

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