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Tic Tac? No, Sic Sac

Link to NY Times Article

Disgusted - I just found out that the evil totally worthless tobacco industry has started marketing candy-like smokeless tobacco products in a variety of flavors with an easily concealable form of a nicotine delivery system, not a smoking cessation device. 

So I wrote a poem ...
Poisonous savory ploy
without the smoky whirl
to poison us with flavor
for every boy and girl

A wolf in Camel's clothing.

What is really sad is when you read the nonsense that the tobacco industry spokesperson David Howard says:
David Howard, a Reynolds spokesman, said Camel Orbs were marketed only for adults and come in child-resistant containers. He denied that they look like Tic Tac mints. 

“Those packages don’t at all look alike to me,” Mr. Howard said in an interview Friday. 

This was published on April 18th, 2010 in the NY Times by Duff Wilson

BUT the next article I found at CNN by Denise Mann of Health.com has the same spokesperson sounding more responsible a day later on the 19th

R.J. Reynolds spokesman David Howard says that the packaging of Camel Orbs and the other dissolvable products is "100 percent child-resistant in accordance with Consumer Product Safety Commission standards" and bears a label that says "Keep Out of Reach of Children." Adults, he adds, should ensure that "children do not have access to any tobacco products -- including dissolvable tobacco products."

But if you want to be reminded of the lack of logic floating around inside his skull, here are some more of his words where he tries to use math to support his argument:

Mr. Howard of Reynolds said it was unfair to criticize the flavoring of Camel Orbs because many other products, including the quit-smoking aid Nicogum, come in flavors. Mr. Howard also said many other common products posed risks to infants or children from accidental ingestion. 

“Virtually every household has products that could be hazardous to children, like cleaning supplies, medicines, health and beauty products, and you compare that to 20 to 25 percent of households that use tobacco products,” he said.

Perhaps a solution to the problem of tobacco would be to gather up all the tobacco industry executives AND their evil spokespersons AND evil product designers, THEN burn them at the stake publicly for all their past, present and (future?) health atrocities they have inflicted upon tens of millions of people in the pursuit of a buck. Only let the fires be not from wood like in medieval days, that would too good for them. Why waste a poor tree? Instead, let the flames come from their last harvest of tobacco leaves and let the stench of their product be the last thing they ever smell with a slow glowing agonizing death, to match the ones their customers have experienced, only in concentrated form.

Oh, was that a bit harsh? Need a Tic Tac?

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