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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Okra Dust In The Wind

The groc store is messed up with their frozen okra. The 1 lb size cost about a dollar, and the 2 pound size costs about $4. So it fits a y = x squared equation. If I could get them to sell a ~5 gram package (1/100 of a pound), 100 of those would only be a TOTAL of one cent for a pound of okra. Ya' just gotta love algebra, huh? (Hopefully I did my math right, its late in the day, I'm tired)

Update a little later in the evening: 
My next calculation is this story problem: If you could convert half of the known mass of the universe into okra, what size would the packages need to be so you could buy that half of the universe for one dollar, using the y=x squared equation from the first okra situation.

Math in  the Morning:

One estimate that I saw has the mass of the universe at 1.3 x 10 raised to the 52nd power, pounds. Half that would be 6.5 x10^51 pounds. My spreadsheet uses "E" for scientific notation, so that is what I will use for the rest of this discussion.

If the package size equals 1.5385E-52 lb, then the price per pound for that size would be that number squared, or 2.37E-104 dollars per package.

Take the half the mass of the universe divided by the package size to get 4.22E+103 packages

Multiply 4.22E+103 packages times the 2.37E-104 dollars per package to equal 1 dollar, U.S.

Which would allow the rock group Kansas to have a new song titled, "Okra Dust in The Wind"

BUT because Avogadro's Number has a mole of a substance with "only" 6.022E+23 "things", half of all the atoms of the universe would have to be reduced to subatomic particles in order to approach a package size with a negative 52 power.

Which might require the Kansas song to be titled "Okra Plasma in The Wind"

So perhaps a next calculation might be to find out what you can do with okra reduced "just" down to the individual carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, phosphorus, iron and nitrogen atoms, ratio-ed out to their proper proportions in okra.

"Okra Atoms in The Wind"

And why did I choose to only convert half of the known universe into okra for the story problem? Because I have to make room for that Yamaha grand piano I hope to have someday, and I should be able to get one with cheaper okra and live long enough. There we go! Another story problem to see how long I would have to live in order to get the piano based purely on my okra savings.

Update after not enjoying rest time because people kept asking questions and giving me okra advice

I woke up way too early this morning and had to take a nap after all this writing and scientific math, especially all the math. Now my head hurts worse. But it is a joyous day for a whole host of other reasons. A childhood friend of mine expressed concern about the piano being ruined by the massive amounts of okra, so I responded with the following paragraph:

My plan is to convert mainly only the outer half mass of the universe and to leave that okra in place so as to not upset things gravitationally. I would keep just enough okra locally so as to provide a free lifetime supply. Otherwise I could wind up with an okraYamaha mess, and you know how people from Texas feel about things from okraYamaha, especially okraYamaha City.

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