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By Chemical Design: The Walrus Extinction Factor

By chemical design I ask Google this question:

Are walruses extinct

The result was 440,000 hits

Which lead me to ask Goooooooogle the next question:

Is there a wall in Russia that stinks

The result was 11,800,000 hits

So do the math: 11,800,000 divided by 440,000

I'm waiting ...

You aren't going to give me an answer? Fine, I'll do the math myslef: 

1.18 percent of a a a billion divided by the square of

663.324958 is 

11 800 000 / 440 000 = 26.8181818

So it appears there are almost 3 cubed (27) times more people worried about stinky walls in Russia than there are about walruses going eXtinct.

If I was a walrus right now I would be very concerned. 


Well, a walrus that reaLLy knew about Google and people. Let's ask Google 

"how many walruses there are that are worried about people"

The reslut is 4,350,000

Wow, that iz a little (bit) higher than I imagined it would be. I eXpected the resLut to be 35.

So 4,350,000 divided by 35 is 124,285

So I here by declare that the number 124,285 from this day forward shall be forever known as the  


ErNest takes a sip of coffee. It is surprisiNgly at just the correct temperature aNd sugar conteNt. Amazing. Zing. Ing. G.

So the amount of time that it takes to get a cup of water to reach boiling in a microwave oven and then cool down to just the right temperature after introducing a bundle of coffee in a coffee filter constrained between the tines of a fork is how long it took me to write this blog post minus the amount of time (tik tok) it took to write this final paragraph and make sublime typographical error corrections,   a "righting" process.


Oh, now I remember, this was s'pposed to be about Japan harvesting whales, whales being sentient beings, and the country of Wales going eXtinct. Next time. Maybe. Not walruses. Never mInd.

(Editorial Note: The WYSIWYG editor in Blogger is not so perfect so the colors and fonts in the final displayed product on the blog ARE NOT what I eXpected or desired. *sigh*)


Jewels said...

I'll have a much better day knowing that so many walruses are worried about me.

Rob Z Tobor said...

I see where you are coming from Mr ESB (from behind a stinky wall). I am really glad you did not look for wall in China.

All that maths is well impressive and I can tell that the Walrus needs more mathematicians in its life in order to regain credibility as a viable species

Aysh said...

This was like a Dr Suess story for walrus lovers!

Julie Hutchinson said...

You're right you know - I know I for one am always amazed when my tea is just the right temperature and has just the right sugar content. There are too many variables I guess, especially with taste buds and sensitive oral tissue coming into the mix, and then there's how often one has a cup of tea/coffee - which would definitely affect the outcome...

esbboston said...

I think there may be no walls in China until recently. The s'pposed Great Wall of China isn't reaLLy a wall, its an elevated roadway. It is very high, so that would make it a highway. it is also definitely in formation. So that means the Chinese thought they were building a wall when in fact it was an In Formation Super High Way. Al Gore says he invented the Internet. So that makes Al Gore be of Chinese heritage and very very old. He probably jogs a lot.

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