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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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How To Make Coffee The Fork Way & Spin Babies

When I first saw my wife's new Keurig coffee maker a year ago, and how easy it worked, I was pleased. BUT when I went to buy replacement refills of coffee containers I was shocked at how eXpensive they were per cup. About the best deal I can find is the largest volume size of 80 cups for a little more than 30 dollars. And I don't even like strong coffee or the taste of any coffee yet in any prepackaged Keurig container. I don't like using their reusable device that allows you to use your own brand of coffee. It leaks too much, and its too messy for just one cup of coffee.

For awhile I was reusing my wife's Keurig containers, passing a second blast of hot water through them. But I still longed for the taste of Folger's Classic Roast. AND spending less money on coffee.

So about 2 months ago I figured out how to make coffee without using a coffee maker. I put a small amount of coffee grounds in the middle of a pair of coffee filters, and then bunch the filter top together held in place by the middle tines of a fork to encapsulate the coffee grounds properly. Meanwhile I have already heated up a cup of water in the microwave oven that already has my sugar in it. Then I put my "coffee bag" in the near boiling water and swish it around until it has the right strength. When it gets a little strong on coffee flavor toward the final part of the cup, I pull out the coffee bag and reheat more water and sugar, then put the coffee bag back in the second round of hot water. 

I have also learned to very slowly rotate the moist coffee bag while standing by the microwave oven waiting for the second cup of water to heat up. If you hold the coffee bag still or don't rotate it fast enough, then it drips. I usually rotate it over the trash can just to avoid any mess, holding in all that precious coffee goodness for my second cup. I also realized there may be other soggy things that wouldn't leak as easily if they are gently rotated. The first thing that came to mind was an infant with a wet diaper. I am not recommending this! It was just the first thing that popped into my siLLy liTTle brain.

I did see a small nearly 3 year old boy last night at the restaurant who is absolutely adorable. I asked him if he got his cute backpack at Gander Mountain (it was camouflage) and he told that it came from "nowhere". I have known his family for a very long time, and I just now remembered that when I was getting married the 3 year old's father attended my wedding. Of course, he was on the inside of his mother at that time. His older sister and I figured that out at work one day when we were calculating that she had been an infant at my wedding.

My coffee expense has been drastically reduced, and I am back to my favorite flavor of coffee. The world is a better place, and I may possibly have enough money to retire on now.

There  were  no  infants  harmed  in  the  making  of  this  blog  post  (honest).


Mia said...

You could always drink tea.

Shelly said...

Sounds very ingenious. I just read another post this morning on how expensive coffee is. I never learned to drink it, and although I love the smell of it, I think I'm glad I didn't.

esbboston said...

Mia: I drink some tea, usually iced, but it is very weak, mainly in restaurants. My hot coffee is fairly weak.

Shelly: I have been drinking coffee practically since I can remember. My father always had a pot brewing. I think my monthly coffee eXpense at home is only a couple dollars a month based on how much I have used out of this one container. Of course in a restaurant around here that is just one cup!

Pearl said...

:-) You have a strange brain, don't you?

Nicely done.


esbboston said...

Dear Sweet Pearl: You are ever so correct. I have a loot oof fuun right-ing. But more importantly I have learned when to eat a Grilled Chicken Sandwich w Bacon, which I think is probably T Minus 3 minutes from now. I am not sure if I have my NASA lingo correct. I hope you are being nice to your new intern.



Rob Z Tobor said...

I like weak tea. those pod coffee machines are a cunning way to trap you into one maker. The best coffee comes out of one of the metal pressure cooker coffee things that you stick on a hot stove and the steam is forced out of the bottom into the top and them through the coffee. The old ideas are the best (well some)

Rob Z Tobor said...

Dam it didn't read what I wrote did it make sense ?????

esbboston said...

Robert Minus Ert Z Tobor: As always, you make perf, ect, aNd perfect cents. Hope you are having clear skies tonight for ISS watching.

Julie Hutchinson said...

Yes Rob's right - we have one of those coffee makers, not that I drink coffee - it makes me antsy and then cranky, tea for me.

Badger said...

That's the most amazing coffee making story! You must have an amazing amount of patience - and really like THAT coffee

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