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Arduino Experiment for Dog Food Choice

I am testing my dog's ability for abstract reasoning, language, and communication skills.

I made a random light generator with my Arduino microcontroller. When I push a button it randomly sets the light to ON or OFF, and then I use that in an eXperiment with my dog Cooper.

I feed him either deli chicken or turkey mixed in with his dry dog food, and I ask him this meat choice question using my hands as the placeholders for chicken or turkey. I momentarily wiggle each hand with fingers spread apart as I say each word 'Turkey' and 'Chicken'. Random light ON determines Turkey = Right, OFF means Chicken = Right. And then whichever hand he points at first is the meat choice he gets.

I wiLL report back later on the test results (Cooper's choices).

The little blue round switch near the bottom of the red breadboard is a potentiometer that adjusts the contrast of the LCD

The yellow light toggles ON/OFF with each push of the Push Button, but the red light is randomly ON or OFF. The randomness is especially good because the random number generator seed value is generated by a floating Analog Pin input with nothing hooked to it.

I highly recommend NOT getting red colored breadboards. They are very difficult to see the wire connections compared to a white breadboard. The red one just came with the kit.

The Arduino is currently hooked to the PC in these pictures but just for downloading programs. It can be disconnected and powered by batteries or an AC adapter. 

I realize it looks like a jumbled up mess of wires, but the LCD Display takes alot of connections. At least I made the 4 data lines a rainbow pattern of red yellow green blue. I used an old hard drive ribbon cable from a PC to connect the display to the Arduino.

I am having fun !

Left-Right Cooper's Hand Chosen Date AM PM
Random Choice by Cooper


Rob Z Tobor said...

If he likes both Turkey and Chicken equally he might not care which he gets, he might just think food yum. I think that is what I would do if you conducted the experiment on me.

Maybe you could build a floor switch that Cooper could press with his paw or nose and then he could become more integrated into the experiment and use the light to let you know which he would like.

I must say that kit looks like the best thing since sliced Bread-Board . . . . .AH HAHH AH hah hah ah hah hah ah hah ah aha ha h

esbboston said...

Rob: Time wiLL teLL. I have only coLLected data for four events. I always start the questioning with my left hand and repeat it at least twice and record whether it is the early or later feeding of the day. I also keep track of which hand he picks and he might have a preference for each food at different times of the day. I could add another piece of randomness by having a second random pick for which hand is the beginning hand (I.e. LRLR or RLRL).

Sliced bread board was veRy hahaha. ActuaLLy they are segmented somewhat like a sliced loaf. There are five holes in each "bread slice" that have common electrical continuity. Then there are also long boundary gaps so that integrated circuits can fit across them and stiLL have each pin be initiaLLy isolated until you add a connecting wire. Then along the outer sides running the entire length are common rails for ground and positive voltage. Then the breadboard in my electronics kit has convenient places for different voltages at the same time for one design.

Pearl said...

I love that. Love how you think.


gweenbrick said...

This is my favorite thing you have posted-it looks like you are having fun for sure. Update it soon!

Mia said...

You could just ask him which he prefers. He might answer.

esbboston said...

Pearl: Your comment was 2/7 for 28.57% 'Love', or 25% if you include your name. What is sad is that I already knew the number 28.57 for that fraction. When is Spring gah-wanna-happen for you, it is s'pposed to snow on Sunday, wow.

Gweenbrick: Thank you so much, it has been so much fun. It is now incredibly ineXpensive to dabble or even super-dabble in these electronic gizmos.

Mia: Cooper is usuaLLy veRy good about asking for food and standing strategicaLLy weLL placed to point at certain things he wants. He also complains if Tamie and I are having too long of a conversation in the livingroom and he is laying on the floor between us. He does have a verbal word for food, a distinguishable "Lum" with a sideways tongue action. Strangely though I just ordered him pizza and he went to the backyard instead of his usual stay in the house and complain while staring at the door or looking out the window at the street.

TangledLou said...

You are such a nut. This is the most fantastic blog post I have read anywhere in quite some time.

I just love, love, love it! Please do keep us posted on the results.

esbboston said...

Tang: hahaha - such kind words, glad you enjoyed it. It is a dog project I have been contemplating for a little while. He only had one meal today that didn't get included: pizza!

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