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Flour, Flour, Water, Flour - Cocaine???

I originally planned to only write this opening paragraph as a Facebook status: 
While waiting on coffee, my drug of choice, I glanced up at the ingredients for my dog's favorite treat. The first four ingredients were: Flour, Flour, Water, Flour - and I thought to myself, when I was young and made crude boat models from cardboard and laminated with pieces of newspaper, wasn't that my recipe for my home-made glue? There must be at least a trace of cocaine in those Wal-Mart brand doggie treats.

Someone asked for the meaning of this Facebook status. But I was confused by their question, so I offered this brief explanation:

There were three different kinds of flour in the first 4 ingredients of the small steak shaped dog treats, with water being the 3rd most ingredient of the 4.

Ol' Roy brand dog treats, their "Tiny Special T's"
On the front of the package it has as the very first dot point of three, "Made With Real Beef"

BUT on the back side below the heart warming story of Sam Walton's favorite bird dog, there is the list of Ingredients:

Note: items in brackets [ ] are my interjected explanations, items in parentheses ( ) are from the manufacturer

Wheat flour, Soy flour, Water, Corn flour, Sucrose [SUGAR], Propylene Glycol, Animal fat (preserved with BHA and Citric Acid), Beef [Ingredient #8 of 18], Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor, Calcium Carbonate, Phosphoric Acid (A preservative), Color added (Titanium Dioxide, Red #40, Yellow #6, Yellow #5, and Blue #2), Natural Steak Flavor.

Notice that they add artificial coloring. Aren't dogs color blind? So I am thinking the color must be there to impress the human's who see the pretty picture on the front of the package. And the amount of color is larger than the amount of flavoring, the very last ingredient.

Blue #2 - hold it, my dog really needs BLUE?

BUT then the first person asked a second time, why the cocaine reference? And then a second person wanted to know as well.

I have a tendency to write in a very exact manner but also in a variety of ways.

In the middle of the opening paragraph there are the words ".. and I thought to myself .." - the cocaine reference was the second part of my thought process at that very moment. The ingredient list started off with:

'flour flour water flour' 
'bland bland bland bland'
'light colored powder, light colored powder, clear water, light colored powder'

Yet my dog gets very excited about these, loves these things. Cocaine, another not-so-bland light colored powder, came to my mind. The cocaine is an exaggeration, something I was very sure was NOT in the dog product, yet I remembered that a long time ago it was a component of Coca-Cola, the cardboard box that was directly behind the dog treats at that moment on top of my frig by the coffee maker. So it was just my thought process at that moment, not a factual claim; that comes later when I actually list the ingredients, reference the home spun dog story, the need for blue color and the advertised package claims. I started the opening paragraph with a drug reference and ended it with one.

They throw in some sugar - so its a cookie?

Person number one didn't respond. Person number two responded "OHHHH WELLLLL, that explains it all... "

So I ended with: you'reEEE welcomeEEE

and a picture of myself:


or rotated:

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