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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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The Daze of The Weak

I have decided that I wiLL begin teaching Cooper the days of the week.

It isn't so much a teaching eXercise as it just means I wiLL begin including it, naturaLLy, in our conversations.

He is seven now so he should be able to handle the concept.

I had to be away earlier today, so I eXplained my absence because I am almost always home on early SATURDAY mornings.

Update: Saturday evening is a semi-duplicate of Friday evening. Same restaurant, slightly different meal, but the same movie 'Iron Man'. My wife asked me to restart the movie where she feLL asleep last night, so I tried. But now she has faLLen asleep again, only a little ways farther before sn00zing.

My waiter was the same guy from last night. He gave me a very strange smiley face on the back of my ticket. So I put it on the front of my refrigerator with a magnet.


Rob Z Tobor said...

You will have to start each day with a slightly different routine or treat for the dog. He will then know that a particular routine of treat represents a particular day then by telling him the day he will soon get the hang of it.

I used to arrive home at different times on different days once and our old border collie always knew the right time for the right day to sit at the front door to wag his tail as I entered. He was a cool dog but sadly died when about 17 and a half

esbboston said...

RobZT: Jesus was working at the diner at lunch today and we discussed this blog post. I told him that I was planning to make large cardboard pieces with the day of the week printed on them (similar to how I how schooled my children, and they turned out okay). Jesus suggested that I try using different colors.

I have changed my beverage again. It is stiLL the eXact same veRy weak tea, eXcept I no longer put the artificial sweetener in it. The GSCwB is stiLL the same. Today I had chips instead of fries because last night's supper was huge. I wiLL have to write about supper. A cowboy sang in the restaurant right by our table. He played guitar and wore a hat. I didn't check to see if he wore boots. I wanted to tip him a dollar but my wife made me give him five. So I figure she owes me FOUR dollars. I also did not see a horse outside.

esbboston said...

Rob: Sorry, that should say "home schooled my children"

fmcgmccllc said...

Like your wife's tipping.

All my dogs learn to count and somewhat learn the weekends, hot buttered toast ya know. I believe the postman helps to train them, their job is monitoring the mail and then making themselves attractive to greet you at the door.

Sammy greats us with a toy in his mouth.

Aysh said...

ohhh how intriguing.
I wonder if he'll be able to understand the differences between the days! Although I'm assuming he'll have some concept of what day is what by judging on the family routine.

Rob Z Tobor said...

I am sure chips in the UK and chips in the USA are not the same from what you have said....

And Jesus is back, I'm sure he went somewhere... THATS COOL

Julie Hutchinson said...

Yep, you'll definitely be able to teach him the days of the week. And you can teach an old dog new tricks. I taught mine at 5yrs to wait while I dished up her dinner, she listens to me in other situations now also.

esbboston said...

Julie: it seems that Cooper is gaining varying levels of patience once he knows that events are in motion to feed him. He lays on the living room floor right outside the kitchen watching the food preparations. I have introduced numeric concepts to him when I give him his favorite - cheese - by always giving him three pieces, and counting aloud while showing him the number of fingers to go with it. Then other times when I tell him a group of events we are going to do I use my fingers when talking to him expressing nth order of events, because I may have a couple of things to do before we can actually make it outside to play, for instance. Its difficult to ever prove how much sinks in with a dog for sure, but when you spend an incredible amount of time with one particular animal you see things click, and you can see their facial responses to what you say, it is amazing.

Mia said...

Do it the Godfather way. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Saturday.

Rob Z Tobor said...

Just a quick question will he learn about lead sorry leap years...

esbboston said...

Mia: VVhy is VVednesday in the vvrong position?

RobZT: Leap Years occur (almost) every four years, and I only focus on 1-2-3, so no, I won't discuss Leap Years. But I did get a couple of plastic lids for Folgers Coffee cans to play Frisbee with him this morning, so he did a bunch of leaping in the air. And he did a much better job of actuaLLy returning the lid right to me, probably 12 out of 14 throws, so that is the best he has ever done. So today was a Leap Day for Cooper.

It is a sad day for me because my cousin died many decades ago on July 2nd from a natural disaster of a creek bank collapse near his house. We used to play there quite often when I would visit, so it easily could have been me. It was one of my first encounters with a death in the family of someone a little bit younger than me. His younger brother that he never knew just got married. I think he is my youngest first cousin.

Rob Z Tobor said...

Glad to hear about the dog.

Sorry to hear about your cousin.

The world is a fickle place.

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