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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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I've Looked For Clouds On Both Sides Now

Strange morning.

It is raining ever so slightly by my house.

On the west side, yes. The ground is wet and muddy.

On the east side, no, not reaLLy very much at aLL. The pavement is dry.

It is almost 8 oh clock.

We should be ate-ing, but someone is a laZy bum this morning, sleeping her little life away.

I asked Cooper to go get her out of bed when he complained about food, but he didn't seem to want to venture away from me in the living room.

I even made a pot of coffee like she had asked, but that was almost too long ago now to be considered *fresh* coffee.

Ah, there is no orange juice in the house either, but I know there is some V-8.

Cooper and I inspected the grape vines, they are looking better. I believe I was under watering them, but I have increased the irrigation rate over about the last ten days. I had to go beyond just stored rain water.

My indoors praying mantis of the year is missing. I may have to try to find another one. I even have one tiny little okra plant for it to wander on besides the orchid. I should probably start a new purple onion. I have not grown one of those in about a year. They are eXtremely easy. They make flowers.

I need to take the pineapple plants outside, I am five days later than normal. They live outdoors June through August.

I am not growing any tomatoes this year.

My major number one goal of the day is to get a letter sent off to my friend in prison. It is already in my computer, I just need to get it wrote into a greeting card.

Here was yesterday's blessing: I am sitting in the diner that my prison friend owns having my usual grilled chicken sandwich. Her mother is at the cash register talking to someone. Suddenly I "hear" my friend in prison's voice, only it isn't reaLLy her. I don't know the lady talking, but I approach and asked the mother of my prison friend, and I find out it is another daughter of hers that I have never met.

I told the other daughter that she sounded just eXactly like her sister, and that reaLLy made me happy to hear "her". She thought it was truly wonderful, and hugged my shoulder.

I believe my prison friend is getting out much earlier than originaLLy planned, I had heard October instead of December, so that makes me happy.

It is a sad time here. My step-father passed away recently. He was very wonderful for my mother for about twenty years. He wiLL be missed greatly. They had been friends since high school.

Okay, it is now 8 oh clock completely so Cooper and I just need to make enough disturbing noises to get our breakfast maker going this morning.

Link: My little friend, Polly The Staying Praying Mantis

Update Later:

Yes, I got my letter finished and in the mail to my friend. I wrote it while I was in her diner, and so when I got ready to seal the envelope, I used a small amount of water condensate from the side of my glass of iced tea in order to wet the glue to seal it. So a few molecules of water from her diner wiLL visit her from afar.

I am ending today listening to the Queen's musical celebration. With London being about six hours ahead of me, I am pretty sure this is recorded.

ActuaLLy I may end the day with coffee.

Here is something sadly strange that I saw today. Someone sold a house to a possible future client of mine. It appears that the former owner cut out aLL the wires on the inside of the air conditioning unit. Bizarre! ... So I have a puzzle to diagnose.


fmcgmccllc said...

I heard Birthday wishes are in order, so happy happy day. I don't have any indoor plants and it is depressing me.

fmcgmccllc said...

I left a message and the Blogger Wizard said no. I will not repeat it because maybe I wrote something I should not have, I will ponder that.

Rob Z Tobor said...

This post is full of interesting little bits of information.... A good post Mr ESB.

I am taking the lead from you friends comment and adding Happy Birthday, who ever has a birthday.

I have been at the edge of rain in the past and it can be a bit odd.

Julie Hutchinson said...

I'm sure I commented on this post. I hope I didn't say something you didn't like.
I'm sad for your and your mum's loss (your step dad).
Home grown pineapples are the nicest ever things...

esbboston said...

Julie: I don't remember seeing anything come through in the comment pipeline from you lately, so maybe there was a failure at blogger somehow. This post is only a week old, so I am sure I would have remembered it. I even went down through my chronological ordered list in blogger of aLL comments on the entire blog, but didn't see anything. I get an e-mail prompt for every comment as soon as it becomes pending. Bizarre! I just tried to leave a comment at Marianne's blog about an hour ago, but then encountered some strange login session that seemed to hang up. It appears to me that the comment handling at blogger is not uniformly handled, which I find totaLLy unreasonable. And after that I left a comment just fine at my friend's blog from Oklahoma City, so again ?!?!?.

Julie Hutchinson said...

I think I didn't do the capture thingy. Oh and happy birthday late.

Julie Hutchinson said...

Oh, just realized you don't have captcha on, cool, so it wasn't that.

esbboston said...

Julie: How are things down under? We are in the middle of so many things at the moment ...

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