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The Lost McRib

[Day Two of McRib Hunting Season]

I decide to do an eXperiment with a McRib sandwich. I don't like the giant pieces of white onion that come with the sandwich, so I decide to swap them with diced purple onions from my own kitchen.

I take my diced purple onions to McDonalds and order a McRib with no onions, but I teLL them that I want the usual pickes.

The process of getting a speciaLLy made McRib with less on it takes over twice as long as usual. But I survive.

I open it up at my table and the onions are stiLL on it like normal, BUT the pickles are not on the sandwich.

So I take it back to the ordering counter and eXplain the situation to my clerk. She takes it back to the kitchen area and eXplains what needs to be done. The tiny short chef appears confused and starts to walk away from me, but then someone says something to her and she throws my incorrect McRib sandwich in the TRASH can! My heart stops and sinks at the tragic loss.

So they give me the new improved pickled sandwich, this time a little faster than before. I get to my table and open it up - yes, the pickles are there, two of them, no onions, BUT this time there is only a tiny amount of BBQ sauce.

So I return the sandwich to the ordering counter and beg them to not throw away my precious McRib this time, but only add some BBQ sauce. So about 5 people gather around a dipping vat as my meat is twirled in a BBQ bath. One person twirling my meat while four watch. Five - if you include me. The sides of the BBQ bath are transparent so I can see it rotated about six times.

Yea! I finaLLy get my McRib to the table so I can put the purple onions on it. The only problem is they put so much sauce on the sandwich that probably 1/3 of my tiny onions ran away with the eXcessive sauce.

Badder luck neXt time.

Future Experiment: Jalapeño Peppers on a McRib


Shelly said...

Sometimes things just make you go arghhh. That whole incident would have done that to me.

esbboston said...

Shelly: I am not sure how close you are to San Antonio, but there are s'pposedly at least two McD near there that have had McRib sightings.

fmcgmccllc said...

I finally saw a picture of a McRib, interesting, can't you just take the white onions off?

esbboston said...

fmcgmccllc: Yes, their onions are veRy easy to take off, but they had omitted the pickles. I also didn't want to waste their onions and it was delightfuLLy fun overaLL watching them make a giant mess of things. This particular McD restaurant is notorious for omitting things. ActuaLLy I rarely eat at McDonalds, usuaLLy only during McRib season and my wife wiLL get breakfast for us there occasionaLLy.

Rob Z Tobor said...

That sounded like it was hard work Mr ESB. I was thinking that what you were trying to do seemed reasonable and relatively simple. But I do not go to McDonalds and have never seen A McRib . . . .. However I must go NOW this second to look at pizza .......

esbboston said...

Rob: I took a picture of a McD advertisement for a McRib yesterday and wiLL try to get you a picture posted. I bet there are plenty on Google, though.

Rob Z Tobor said...

Eaten Pizza . . . . . . . YUM

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