Absent For A Bit ....

I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

Notice: Blogger has screwed up and lost a bunch of photos out of my blog! They are replaced with a gray silhouette of a human head. I will eventually get them replaced with the correct photo, it may take a while to find and fix everything. So some of my stories don't make much sense without their photos, sorry for the inconvenience.



iOS 7 Breaking Things Badly

It appears that operating system upgrade version 7 to iOS on my iPad has messed up editing in Blogger. The cursor is veRy difficult to impossible to reposition while in HTML mode, and the WYSIWYG version has never worked properly so I guess I should try that neXt .... Nope, that stiLL doesn't work. I saw a report yesterday that Apple is not allowing downgrades from version 7 back to 6, and even forcing some devices to upgrade to 7.


On the brighter side of things I am learning Spanish this morning from the bilingual instructions from the side of my Folgers Instant Coffee. I learned my former boss' name sounds like the word for crystal. He was a gem, a veRy brilliant man, so that fits weLL.


There is a Breaking Bad marathon going from Wednesday evening until Sunday evening culminating with the series finale. All 62 episodes in a row, with some chunks of time to allow people to sleep. So it isn't quite a complete marathon in the way, imagining that runners in the New York Marathon stop for a little naps, hah. ActuaLLy it is faster to watch episodes on Netflix where the first 4 1/2 seasons are available without commercials. 

I don't plan to watch the marathon because I have already seen the entire series at least 4 times completely in a row. But I do plan on having at least one of my teleBisions tuned to the AMC channel for the entire time just for the heck of it. Ouch! Something just stung me in the side, right side about at the appendix level. The great outdoors is attacking me today.


I am getting a nice printer to do fine photography prints, just not sure which model yet. Probably get an Epson.


I just heard Steven Colbert say that he has never written fiction. Among a constant stream of things that come out of his mouth, that is probably the most inaccurate thing he has ever spouted. 


I forgot the thing that I was going to put right here. If and when I think of it, I wiLL come back and put it in place.

Ahhhh! Now I remember! I have a new hobby. I saw a teleBision commercial for Dyson vacuum cleaners, and heard the voice of Mr Dyson, and decided to work on mimicing his sound. Not aLL the time, of course, just when I have vacuum thoughts.


I just noticed that the AMC channel has a count-down timer in the lower right side of the screen to let you know how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the final episode of Breaking Bad.

I found the choices of teleBision ads interesting for Breaking Bad. I just saw an ad for electronic cigarettes called Blu. Then there was a beer in a blue bottle. These tie in nicely with the color of Walt's product. Being an organic chemist I am interested in such things as why his product would be blue considering an eXtremely pure version of methamphetamine is clear. This is ironic as I just watched pieces of my favorite episode about the fly getting in the lab and Walt going crazy during his grand battle with The Insect. 

Other commercials: Ford has a car ad with a vehicle that is similar to Walt's big black car.

My favorite commercial? The Dentyne ICE chewing gum - yes, its blue too, of course. Ice is a street name for methamphetamine.


I had recently purchased matching coffee cups for my wife and myself. They slowly migrated from the house to the business downtown. I veRy carefuLLy put my cup in a special spot by my desk thinking, incorrectly, it wiLL be nice and safe there in my own office.

But no, someone, not the wife, decides to help me clean my office and grabs the cup with a couple old Dr Pepper cans and a styrofoam coffee cup, and most likely threw them aLL away. I had paid about $4 each for those cups. They were eXtra large, slightly imperfectly irregular, and just the right, almost my favorite, color. Sad. Perfect for coffee. Gone, I think. I have searched quite eXtensively, with no luck.

I wiLL have to check to see if the groc store has more and buy more so that we can always have our "two" cups and replace lost ones from my secret stash one at a time.

Ah, romance.

UPDATE: I found my coffee cup in the dumpster in the alley behind our business.


Something bothers me about the final season of Breaking Bad. It's the raw material methyl amine. They go to elaborate plots and schemes and story conflicts about securing a source for their raw material.

But if Walt is such a great chemist, why didn't he just make his own methyl amine? It's a relatively small organic chemical. The Chinese are making it in bulk in the show and shipping it by simple drums and rail car. 


Rob Z Tobor said...

I have never seen Breaking Bad Mr ESB so am not sure what it is about, but I would assume it does not mean breaking stuff such that it can not be repaired with super glue.

I have always had a problem with the film The Fly, a half man half fly is just not viable, what with the way insects breath and eat just to mention two problems. Not sure that is important here.

I know a dog called blue who is not a blue dog.

Good luck with the printer are you thinking laser or inkjet and or maybe a posh flat-bed thing.

Good luck also with the idevices, I will remain with Microsoft. Ooooo and I am starting to like Google+ it is interesting once you start poking about at it.

Mr Dyson became unpopular in the UK after he moved his plant to India.

I hope you are well, here in Britain instant coffee has no Spanish instructions on it, although the glue I use to make stuff has instruction in loads of languages....

esbboston said...

I got an Epson printer ordered with a good discount because they used it for a couple days at a trade show.

Breaking Bad has a huge following. There is even a second show called Talking Bad that comes on later in the evening where they interview actors from the show and other guests and discuss a lot of things about plots etc. Breaking Bad won a few Emmys this week and several awards in the past.

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