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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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A Reaaaaally Sad Story OR An Aardvark To The Rescue

This is the result of too much silliness between myself and a friend of a friend (FoaF). During our conversation I took on the role of an improvised incarcerated in-shackled insane inmate. It wasn't too much of a stretch from my normal daily life, (wink!), then I asked him:

Do you want to hear a reaaaaally sad story?

On Tuesdays they give you a choice of either getting a pillow or a Teddy Bear in your cell, and so when I first got here and they offered me The Tuesday Choice, I chose "BOTH!" but they said I was greedy and so I didn't get either one for 26 weeks.

And the guards would wander by and say things like, "don't you wish you had a Teddy Bear?" - at first I was saddened, but then I got even with the guards by quoting Theodore Roosevelt and imitating his voice, first small bits and pieces then launching into long sections of memorized speeches - soon they were so impressed they would let me have their Teddy Bear for a few moments when they knew the warden-doctor was taking his evening meal.

End Of Sad Story

Now I think he thinks I'm really cwazeee!

Then I "drew" a single frame cartoon using just words to describe ants getting cow hairs when a different friend of the same friend created the word "in-cow-hair-ant" from incoherent after he read my prison-asylum-TR tale without the help of his morning coffee. But I don't have a caption for the cartoon yet.

I just now realized that I am not sure if I have ever met any of these three people in real life, except the second FoaF very briefly when my kids were in high school.

After my cartoon the first FoaF indicated to the friend that I was crazy but then the second FoaF came to my rescue when he created his own equally bizarre single frame cartoon with just words involving a Dean Martin ant taunting a Jackie Mason aardvark with cow hairs with The Pink Panther theme music. You just never know when an aardvark is going to be used in a rescue attempt, it happens to me so rarely that I forget about it until the next time it happens!

With Friends of Friends like this, who needs Friends?

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