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The Cheese Dial in the Dark

At 8:45 PM this evening Sunday Aug 12th my dog Cooper began complaining for his daily evening treat of a piece of cheese. But I have begun waiting until nine o'clock to give it to him.

So I told my wife that he had to wait a few minutes.


I am doing an eXperiment.

I am going to see how weLL my dog can teLL time (internal clock) or how weLL he can pick up other time related clues, such as maybe when certain teleBision shows come on, or that it is dark outside.


Today on the Sunday morning teleBision show "Texas Country Reporter" there was a segment about a man in Arizona who makes eXtremely accurate sun dials. (yes, I know, you are probably wondering what part of Texas the Arizona is in; I asked myself the same question. If Texas is the real country, then Arizona is one of its 49 colonies. Arizona is a 2nd tier colony, as it doesn't touch the boundary of the motherland of Texas, such as New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Lousiana, the four blessed 1st tier colonies.)

So ... I wiLL try to keep track of when Cooper asks for his evening cheese by publishing updates to this blog post, but I wiLL also constantly reinforce the 9:00 PM "Giving Of The Cheese Houristically Allocated" (GOTCHA)

Definition: Houristic - adj - event timing characterized by a particular hour long block of time on a regular basis

Update: Time of Cheese Request - Target is 9 PM

Standardization: Wait for a request from dog. Ask him what he wants. He should respond with the word, "Lum" (his word for food), and his tongue wiLL flick outside his mouth, typicaLLy to the right side of his mouth, once. Then I wiLL ask him to show me what he wants, and he has to point at the refrigerator with his nose.

2012.08.30 9:35 PM
2012.08.29 8:57 PM
2012.08.27 8:38 PM
2012.08.26 8:43 PM
2012.08.25 Away From Home
2012.08.24 Away From Home
2012.08.23 Cooper was asleep
2012.08.22 8:55 PM
2012.08.21 8:40 PM
2012.08.20 Away From Home
2012.08.19 10:04 PM Cooper was asleep for about an hour
2012.08.18 Away From Home
2012.08.17 8:51 PM
2012.08.16 8:38 PM
2012.08.15 8:35 PM
2012.08.14 9:41 PM
2012.08.13 8:37 PM


Rob Z Tobor said...

Over here in the UK where we live there are many dairy farmers. They tend to milk there cows at the same time every day and you will see the cows starting to head off towards the cow shed about half an hour early. They always go early and have to wait, they dont seem to mind this, but you would think that they would learn that they could leave it just a little longer to enjoy the grass and avoid the queue.

esbboston said...

Rob: See? There appears to be a timing element built into the veRy structure of dairy products. Moo ...

Badger said...

My cats know exactly when food time is and in the morning will give me hell if I do not give them their breakfast on the dot.

Joanne Noragon said...

Hmmm. Our dog starts expecting her 4 pm supper about 2, and although she eats it one bite at a time comes back expecting more 4 pm supper at six. Does this equate?

esbboston said...

Joanne: 4 2 4 & 6, yes, that equates when it comes to ate's. (This is starting to sound like an advice column)

esbboston said...

Badger: I was going to ask which cat, but then I saw you put cats. Do you think you wiLL get a third cat again?

fmcgmccllc said...

Sammy the Spanky dog knows when he gets fed (twice a day)and is now critiquing the morning food as Big Daddy is switching it up. He also knows when to go to bed, get up and pee. They say poodles are one of the smartest breeds.

That is why I do not understand him sitting at the back door waiting for a cookie at very odd times.

TangledLou said...

I am married to a Texan. I understand the colony system. We live so far out of bounds now it is troublesome for his mother.

I will be following GOTCHA very closely. I'm fascinated.

Pearl said...

It's official. You are one interesting man.



Marianne said...

The most interesting man in the room?

esbboston said...

Pearl & Marianne: Even when I am alone I am typicaLLy not the most interesting person in the room. Well, it could have something to do with losing my key and being locked out of the room, that haPPens sometimes too.

TangledLou: I can blame it on not being born in Texas, yes, I am an immigrant from the South. (South Dakota) i did spend a few months of 1967 in the Panhandle of Oklahoma not far from Texas, and a couple weeks in Galveston in the early seventies before officiaLLy being transplanted to Texas against my wiLL. Now I am just too tired to leave.

fmcgmccllc: I try veRy hard most of the time to understand my dog's wants and needs, and to bring him moments of great joy on rare occasions. I do worry about him some when he doesn't eat, but those are rare. I also don't like to leave him alone for more than a certain number of hours. When we travel we try to find good sitters to keep him company. He is impossible to board because he won't go to the bathroom while we are gone unless he is at home.

esbboston said...

Well, I do have a pineapple plantation, people do find that veRy interesting. I am usually the only owner of a pineapple plantation in the room, or at least I have the largest number of plants, I make that qualification because sometimes I wiLL be in a restaurant with someone that I have given a pineapple plant as a gift. I should create a new legendary name for myself! - Johnny Pineapple Seed

Marianne said...

Seriously. I never even heard the word trebuchet until this weekend. I'm not responding on my blog because I don't want to ruin all the fun quite yet. Seriously. Are you some kind of Mensa member? You must be.

Rob Z Tobor said...

I would just like to say that you are an interesting chap and certainly the only person I know who has a pineapple plantation even if it is still quite small.

I approve a Johnny Pineapple Seed it has the same sort of ring to it as Edward Scissor Hands. I look forward to seeing the movie where Johnny Depp wanders though his pineapple plantation turning old Air Con units into sculpture and large illuminated L's dispersed about the garden in an interesting pattern based on an mathematical paradox and a limited amount of electrical cable...

esbboston said...

Rob: I am planning an underground greenhouse. I am not sure how large I want to make it. I have five plants at the moment and plenty of room inside my house for the three fuLL size plants, and I can probably squeeze in the two new smaLLer plants. I am not sure how deep I want to go, maybe just a couple feet. I just realized I could build a shelf system and put the smaLLer plants above the three large ones on the floor. Then they could easiy fit inside my house, so that wiLL be cheaper than a green house.

One of the things I was wondering about today while observing the pineapples, was IF you left a pineapple on the plant, would it just make a progressively taLLer plant with each new pineapple generation?

Rob Z Tobor said...

Hello Mr ESB .... Your question about what would happen if you left the pineapple made me think and in my brief searching about on Google I found this. I thought you might find it interesting and it would be a great way to expand your plantation. I feel I need to buy a pineapple now and hunt for seed.




esbboston said...

Rob: Interesting! Thanks ... I found several how-to videos in YouTube on pineapples, wow, I didn't even think to look there.

Aysh said...

How cool! I don't have any pets to experiment on :( BUT, my dad and brother are very into birdwatching, and birds frequently visit our harden as we keep have a bird bath and keep bird seed outside, and the same, fat pigeon comes everyday at around 12.30pm to our garden to eat. it's pretty cool!

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