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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Mirror Crime Stories



The strange thing I heard today while trying to ignore the teleBision in the room, in a very serious scene in a tropical crime drama, a sad mad guy is complaining that somebody shot his [favorite] beer mirror. I'm sure that I had never heard the words "beer mirror" together in my life, but I instantly knew what he was talking about, by the manner in which one of my former neighbors had decorated his castle. 

I think they used the term "beer mirror" eight times in that one scene. I'm just not sure, I was way too busy laughing to count accurately. I wonder if moments of hilarity ever happen to IRS agents or census takers on the job while they are in the middle of counting things. Not just beer mirror, but his favorite beer mirror. I will spend way too much of my future associating those two words together at inappropriate times and places, smiling.


The strange thing I saw today: a north bound 18 wheeler truck forced a vehicle, an SUV, off the road where two lanes turn into one on the loop in Amarillo, just north of Amarillo Boulevard where Soncy Road becomes the Loop 335. The truck driver clearly did it on purpose while passing the SUV that went off the road, the drama unfolding in my rear view mirror. I guess Ace Hardware has at least one idiot truck driver. It happened around 4:40 PM based on the time stamp of the restaurant receipt for the meal I had a few blocks south of there at On The Border restaurant. So if the driver of the SUV wants to press a complaint against the Ace Hardware trucker, he has a witness with me. The truck driver never caught up to me, so I could not get his vehicle ID information, but he turned off the loop after a couple miles and headed towards Ranch Road 1061.

Photo from Google Earth shows the location of the vehicular mishap.

Coordinates are 35 deg 11' 44" N  101 deg 56' 15" W where the two lanes become one lane.

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No Crime, No Mirror, Just some old fashioned glass silliness .....

One of my close friends mentioned that she realized more and more that it's really a small world

My Response: The earth is s'pposedly 1,097,509,500,000,000,000,000 cubic meters, but its winter time, cold outside, most things shrink, so it really only feels like 1,087,509,500,000,000,000,000 cubic meters. Maybe its just my new glasses, hidden bifocals messing things up.


TangledLou said...

Beer mirrors are almost always funny.

Anonymous said...

I bumped into your site from Mia s site and am sort of glad since you have a decent sense of humour. I found the reference to the cold warm earth hilarious.

I always thought those things were called bar mirrors. That and a reclining nude are my memories of the cowboy shows since it has been decades since I was last in America.

A lot of these trucks have signs on them that say, we at acme hardward love you our fellow travellers on the road and if you see us doing something bad or good let us know. or words to that effect.

I had a bad experience once with a truck like that and I did not have the id so I wrote the company. I actually got an answer back although I never knew if anything bad happened to the driver. Sometimes a truck will just hook on to a trailer. If you remember the truck try to remember if it had the same livery etc. as the trailer.

cheers lad.

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