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I am away for a little while working on a few or more episodes for The Adventures of My Space Alien Alter Ego story ... will return (to Earth) soon!

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Today Is Thor's Day?

I am not sure how it happened.

But I thought today was Thursday.

I am surrounded by all sorts of ancient low and modern high technology that could have told me it was Wednesday.

But I must been in ignore mode.

Perhaps it was too many days of too little to no sleep in a row.

I am often awake at 3 AM.

Could it have been the sudden brief cold weather and rain and tiny hail storm?

I didn't discover my wrongedness until 7 PM when the teleBision didn't have my favorite gang of four funny physicists show.

Do you like my word 'wrongedness'? It is pronounced with three syllables with -ed- in the middle, with the accent on the wrong part.

Maybe it was the refrigerator dying.

Possibly it was because I was forced to run at eXtremely high velocity for a brief and a half time yesterday when the appliance deliveryman severed the waterline to the ice maker and the shut-off valve hadn't worked and (oops, sorry about that) I went triage scrambling to get the main supply turned off before my kitchen flooded. I had been in mid thought with my mouth wanting to say the words, "say, lets undo that line at the end with a wrench ..." but I was too late as he had pulled a tubing cutter from his pocket and the gush of water happened before I could say the preventive thing. 

The second thing the delivery man said was, "Do you have a towel?" .. while water is coming out at a rate of AT LEAST 2 gallons a minute .. at least a garden hose was right outside the backdoor and I was able to get it positioned quickly to capture part of the disaster while I scrambled for the main valve for the entire house...

(I thought it was appropriate to change the font color to blue in the previous paragraph since so much water was involved.)

Hours later I couldn't eXplain eXactly why there were three then four sore small bumps on my right forehead possibly from the mad dash, as weLL as I almost lost three batteries when I yanked a toolbox lid off too fast sending them rolling down the driveway out of my truck during my frantic tool hunt, and the abrasion I found much much later on my right forearm was most likely from the water meter housing. Abrasion is the word my wife used for my wound. It sounds like a CSI word.

Maybe I like Thursdays more than wet mess days, I mean Wednesdays.

Perhaps I am confused by aLL these people blogging A to Z. I wonder if anyone ever does it Z to A?

Maybe its a tumor. No, its not a two more.

ActuaLLy I just realized it is two more hours until it reaLLy is the real Thursday.

At least the four physicists are on in syndication on another channel, bye, I gotta go!

Update: In the middle of a Toyota commercial I heard them use the word 'Tudor styled house'. I asked my wife, "Would you like a Tudor style house?"

Her answer, "No"

Then I asked her, "Do you know what a Tudor style house is?"

Her answer, "No"


Shelly said...

Wow- after a Wednesday like that, I can see why you would want to fast forward to Thursday!

esbboston said...

Shelly: I read your comment, and then I went back and read my story and realized that the yesterday in my story was reaLLy Monday and not Tuesday. I confirmed this with my wife because I suddenly remembered that she was home on the delivery day.

Rob Z Tobor said...

Well Mr ESB That was one mean day which ever day it was. I would not like a day like that. They have happened to me in the past but I hope that on the basis of the laws of averages my days like that are over. I cant be sure that they are because as we all know toast always falls butter side down. Well mine does because I butter it on both sides, with peanut butter on one and honey on the other therefore making toast in the morning much more interesting.

Just to let you know I have sort of mentioned you in the A to Z "E" post tonight so hope you do not mind.

esbboston said...

Rob: I am working with the law of beverages today, trying to find the correct ratio of coffee to Dr Pepper, as well as per hour to try to stay awake!

Yea! I get to be men mentioned in your blog, how cool! Of course that is better than being man shunned, which would be equivalent to being ignored. I am not sure how that compares to being mansioned, the process of someone giving you a gigantic luxurious home. I hope things are well in Wales and nearby.

icedgurl said...

trekking your blog!!! kinda late for the Thursday!


Aysh said...

Ohh I hate getting my days mixed up. I'm useless and do this quite often :/

I love wrongedness! I will attempt to use it in my regular speech and see if people notice, or just pretend not to notice and conclude that I'm 'special'

*thumbs up*

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