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Socksual Orientation: A Key To Happy Feet?

My wife asked me one morning if I had left and right socks.

What? - I responded, suddenly wondering if she had both a left and a right brain, a complete functioning set.

Then she told me how her relative had carefully folded her husband's socks and put them in pairs, only to have him come along and take them apart, looking for left and right socks. He claims to be able to feel the difference. 

Feel with his feet 

We both use the same simple white sock available at WMT. I am a white cotton supremacist when it comes to socks. It is one of the many things I learned from Jerry Lewis including avoid working with people like Dean Martin. It saves time and effort, no matching and no lone strange colored socks.

She asked me if I could feel a difference and if I thought it was possible.

My immediate simple single answer was 'No' - I had never really thought about that before and that I just like to have nice white common socks.

Everything in my sock drawer is a part number 13096-28061 

I think about it for a while. And then think about it for a little bit longer.

Second Response: I told her that I am pretty sure that each sock starts off with a neutral orientation from the factory. But if you wore a sock only ever on one certain foot, then it would tend to be shaped by its experience, its wear pattern, pressed into service between foot and shoe. This might lead to more comfortable socks. But I had never tried to do this.

Third Response: I presented her with this experiment idea. Segregate my new socks into a left and right container after each use. Then wash them separately as part of another load, say shirts or pants. Then it would be easier to keep track and observe for impressed patterns, wear and relative comfort. 

So maybe we have stumbled upon an idea for making everyone's feet a little happier, the world a little bit better place, just enough to finally put an end to famine and disease and war. 

Through segregation by socksual orientation.

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