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Today's News in Rhyme - 2009.12.07

News: While some evil Iranians are busy today

being mean to other insurgent rowdy crowd loud Iranians 

and that's their street thrill, 

our President is busy having his way

being a drugs pusher of his urgent cloudy legislation

over on Capitol Hill, 

'mean' while there lurks evil CA beef 

and TX oysters at your grocer 

looking for a human to kill.

In Copenhagen they are demanding mo' money, a form of taxes, for a future global temperature to increase, 

while I'm coping on my farm in Texas right here, right now, my shivering nose and feetsies do freeze, 

with shady characters jacking around with the measurement data add-justing, 

maybe a new accurate thermometer is what we need to be dutifully trusting?

The Zhu Zhu hamster is potentially headed for the endangered list 

for being a potent chemical exposure danger risk, 

some expert laboratory prophets claim. 

The shopping crowd moans upon hearing the antimony hazard to their children's health, 

as Chinese toy makers have concerns about losing their new found light brown artificial rodent wealth, 

as their export profits go down the drain.


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